Thursday, September 01, 2005

Broadcasters Piss me Off - Part 2

As mentioned in the comments of Broadcasters Piss me Off - Part 1, the next thing that pisses me off is whenever they talk about something that happened last season, they always say "a year ago." Nevermind that whatever they are talking about most likely didn't happen a year ago, or that just saying last year or last season would be more accurate. For example, it might be the first game of the year and they talk about a running back in the game and will say something like, "He rushed for 1200 yards a year ago." And this is probably inaccurate, since they probably mean he rushed for 1200 yards last season, and last season had just started a year ago. Why do they do this? And they all do it, so they must think it sounds better or something, though I can't imagine why they would.

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