Monday, September 05, 2005

At what point are you accountable?

For five years, I've listened to nothing but excuse after excuse from the Bush Administration, it's hard work, that's not our responsibility, we really thought there were weapons, it's Clinton's fault, that was the result of something that started before we took office, the accountability moment has passed, their will be plenty of time to place blame later, we don't control the weather, everyone else thought that too, we need more information, it wasn't technically a crime, blah, blah, blah, fucking blah. So ok, I'll just go ahead and accept that you're always going to have an excuse for why absolutely nothing in the world is your fault, I'll even give you the benefit of the doubt and say that sometimes it might not be your fault. But what I'd like to know is, since you are the fucking President and all, at what point do you become accountable for anything? Because I'd really like for us all to start on the same page. When is it ok to criticize something that you have done? At some point, if I was in a position of power, I might expect to be held accountable for results, whether or not they were my fault in the first place.

So, let me propose a completely hypothetical situation, and let me know if you deserve any blame for it? Let's say that thousands of your people are suffering, and you have the power as well as the ultimate authority to do something about it. Let's also say that lack of planning on your part contributed to the extent of the people's suffering, and that your screwed up priorities also contributed to it. Now, how many of your people have to die in this situation before we are allowed to hold you accountable?

Or, maybe, are you just not responsible for anything that happens in this country? Because if that's the case, I'd rather you just be up front about it, and you could just spend the next three years on vacation, and we can take our chances with the rest of your incompetent staff running things.

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sumo said...

I know it wasn't meant to be funny...but I was lmao. Of course it was your herculian wit "responsible" for it...and I assume you will stand behind your responsibility in all that you propose and imply. Howard for President 2008! I'd like Condi's job once you get there...I could use some new shoes...and a trip to the theater too. And I'm not adverse to visiting foreign countries and BSing with them either.

jahf said...

At what point is a person of the kind that Bush is accountable? The answer is clear: only when others hold him to account.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

I'd rather you just be up front about it, and you could just spend the next three years on vacation, and we can take our chances with the rest of your incompetent staff running things.

LOL! No shit. What a criminal he is.

Rob the Dirty Liberal said...

You think Dubya has ever been accountable for anything in his entire life?

Shitty GPA from College - He gets to run an oil company

Can't run an Oil company - Buddies buy him the Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers can barely manage a winning season - He becomes governor of Texas

Bush fucks up Texas - He becomes President

Bush fucks up USA - We'll just have to see on this one.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

I think it probably involves wearing robes while virgins feed him grapes, Rob.

If your pattern holds, the Republicans are going to make him into a deity to reward him for the level of damage he's done this time.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

Are you seriously sugesting that it is Bush's fault that a hurricane struck Lousiana?

Furthermore, are you really so uninformed to not realize virtually every city has an emergency plan?

Was the plan followed by the Mayor? NO. So the same types of buses that were no used after Ivan were not used this time. And that is Bush's fault?

Did the Governor bother to send buses from Baton Rouge? NO.

JRH frankly I do not know why I bother.

You guys hate Bush and the facts do not matter

John Howard said...

How many times do I have to say that it is not Bush's fault that there was a hurricane, before you guys can leave the Republican spin control handbook? NO, it's not his fault there was a hurricane. It is his fault that there was such a piss poor federal response to that hurricane.

There are plenty of things that are the Mayor's fault, the Governor's fault, and a lot of other people, but even if all those people failed, the federal response should have been there to make up for it. The federal response was terrible.

I do hate Bush, but because of the facts, which seem to be irrelevant to you. Yes, there are other examples of where other people are at fault, but none of you Bush defenders have bothered to point out any reason why things were NOT his fault. He is the President, right? In your view, does he have any responsibility for anything? What can we count on him to do for us? If it's nothing, then why the fuck do you worship him so much?

sumo said...

John Howard 2008!

SB Gypsy said...

And Bush talks about acceptable - well, his response to the hurricane - staying at his ranch on vacation while the worst disaster in our history is happening -


John Howard said...

Also, to all you Bush lovers wondering why I'm not dwelling on the failures of the Mayor of New Orleans, the Governor of Louisiana, or anyone else, it's pretty simple. I don't live in New Orleans, I don't live in Louisiana, if a hurricane hit Jacksonville tomorrow, and I was on a roof with my family waiting to be rescued, I wouldn't be waiting for the Mayor of New Orleans, or the Governor of Louisiana, but I would be waiting for FEMA and the National Guard. Hopefully, my Mayor and Governor (not holding my breath, since he's named Bush also) would be able to put together a better response than New Orleans and Louisiana did, because it's pretty clear that if I had to wait for help from the federal government, I could die before it comes, despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security's own website says it will take primary responsibility in the event of a natural dsaster.