Monday, September 12, 2005

Broadcasters piss me off - Part 4

What is their aversion to the word "not?" They always seem to want to use some backwards ass way of saying something instead of using saying it straight foward. Like, if a team is fighting for a playoff spot, and is trailing in a game they desperately need to win, I might say something like "They cannot afford to lost this game if they still hope to make the playoffs." Most football commentators, on the other hand, would probably say this, "They can ill afford to lose this game..." Who the fuck talks like that? Ill afford? Ridiculous. Another example would be if a big name player isn't having his usual impact on a game, I might say something like "Ladanian Tomlinson has been shut down, and really has not been a factor today." The idiots in the booth, of course, would say "LT...has been a non-factor here tonight." Non-factor? And they use it all the time. Somone teach these people how to talk like a normal human being, please.

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Chris Howard said...

Yeah, ill afford and non-factor are classics of broadcastese. And the funny thing is, I don't think these guys realize how often they repeat the same awkward phrases over and over and over. Don't they ever listen to themselves?

I don't mean to pre-empt part 5, but what about shy? Nothing is ever short, it's always just shy of the goal line, just shy of the marker etc...

John Howard said...

Yeah, you nailed Part 5. But I don't so much mind them saying that occasionally, especially if it's just short by a few inches, but now it's so ridiculous that they'll say someone came up 8 yards shy of the first down.