Monday, September 12, 2005


How can you call this a freedom walk, if everyone was not free to participate? Also, it seems that anyone with an opposing viewpoint was not free to express it. It's ridiculous. I'm all for freedom, and would happily march to celebrate it, but having a staged event and removing any opposition does not in any way celebrate freedom, it celebrates blind obedience.

If they really wanted to have a walk for freedom, they should have published the route, and invited anyone to join in the walk. And if that meant some people had signs that expressed oppositon, then that would jut demonstrate our freedom, along with the fact that we can disagree but still come together. However, that's just not the way this administration does things. Assholes.

I also found this a little disturbing:

Others worked for the government, and were encouraged by their bosses to attend.

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Robert Bayn said...

Seems like this was more or a Pro-war demonstration than a celebration of freedom.

True Blue Liberal said...

Oh John. So na├»ve. If they had let just anyone into their You're Free (to Agree) FlagFest®, it might turn into a peace march!

John Howard said...

Yeah, which should tell them something in the first place.

cookie christine said...

did you hear they were giving out fake dog tags to the participants? I guess so they could pretend they were in the military and sacrificing something for freedom.

SB Gypsy said...

This sounds like the things they do in communist countrys. Change it to China- works very well.