Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Parents protest Georgia school closures

Hmmm, if closing for two days helps so much, imagine the impact if we just get rid of schools altogether, and not just in Georgia, but all across the country. We could all drive Hummers and bathe in gasoline. And as an added benefit, we wouldn't have to teach evolution to our kids, or really, any of that suspect stuff they call 'science'. They also wouldn't have to learn any of that tolerance crap, which is obviously designed to turn them gay, anyway.

"The first thing he decided to do was close schools," [Democratic state party Chairman Bobby] Kahn said. "That shows something about his views on education and his priorities."

Exactly. And sure, they might have had to close schools anyway because of shortages, if they didn't have the fuel. But the Governor's decision takes something that might have been necessary in a worst case scenario and turns it into something definite, and does it seemingly without looking for many alternatives. Did any other states do this? Why not? Why was Georgia the only one not prepared? Seems like a failure of leadership. Of course, here in Bizarro World, failures are cause for celebration:
In Washington, President Bush praised Perdue for his decision, saying the Republican governor "showed some leadership" in "anticipating a problem."

Yeah, congratulations. Everybody wins. Oh, except the kids. Oh, and their parents.

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maurinsky said...

On my Moms list, we have two moms in Georgia, and they were *FURIOUS* about this move. They were given no advance notice - after school one day they found out that the school would be closed the next day. Working parents had to either scramble to find some kind of child care or take the day off (way to hurt productivity, Purdue, you ass!)

Gary said...

Let's see...The President wants to test the kids to make sure they aren't???

What was that phrase??


Too late Dubya and Govenor Perdue...we know they are already left-behind, and you want to keep them that way!

Who elects these idiots anyway?

Oh yeah...NASCAR does. I forgot. My bust.

GayProf said...

Bush knows that this was showing leadership to help the Republican Party. Students in those schools might have been, *gasp*, learning. If they learn something about the world, they would question our current government. Best to close the schools, just in case.

Rob the Dirty Liberal said...

Does anyone else think its kind of stupid to shut down the mass transit system (which per person if far more efficient than cars) so that all those parents will now have to individually drive those kids to day care? Probably not. Morons.