Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Normally here, I would link to all my recent posts about people with swords, but I'm just too lazy so if you want to see them for context, just search for sword and I'm sure you can find them. Anyway, I'm really starting to think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a sword, or at least know where I might get one if the need arose.

First, my stepson comes home last night and tells us about a local restuarant that was robbed earlier that day. The reason he brought it up was that the perpetrator was apparently his girlfriend's brother in law, who had just gotten out of jail and was apparently in a big hurry to get back. But what I found interesting was that the weapon he used in this robbery was a samurai sword. What the fuck? Are guns too hard to come by these days? Oh, and he got away with $32, so that was clearly worth it.

Then, at work this morning, I overhear part of a conversation that some coworkers are having about some online role playing game they used to play, and I guess they had some kind of related parties and one coworker would show up to the parties dressed in character, including armor, and of course...a sword.

Where the fuck do all these swords come from? I seriously wouldn't even know where to go to get one if I really wanted one. Would I need to see a blacksmith? I don't know. It's all very disturbing.

Oh, and Blogger sucks. The last few months, it almost made me forget how much, but the last couple of days have brought it all back.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

Oh, and Blogger sucks. The last few months, it almost made me forget how much, but the last couple of days have brought it all back.

LOL. Totally.

maurinsky said...

Many years ago, I went to a Medieval Fair (and I'm just guessing that going to a Medieval Fair is probably your idea of one of the levels of Hell -- and you would be right to think so), and they did have a booth there where you could buy a real sword.

Miranda said... true. I bet you can get some nice swords on ebay.

Anonymous said...

There are cutlery shops everwhere... i.e. there's one in O.P. Mall that specializes in replica weaponry, but they also have some original designs. Most of these replicas & all of the original weaponry are legit weapons...

- Broad swords weighing 5-10 lbs.
- Claymores that weigh 10, maybe 15+ lbs.

Katanas are significantly lighter, though.

Ace Cowboy said...

I'll take Swords for $100, Alex.


John Howard said...

Well thanks, now when I get around to deciding I want to rob some place with a sword, I know I'll first have to go to a midieval fair, eBay, or the Orange Park Mall. And if there really are these type of shops everywhere, that scares me a little, but I guess it would explain how everyone comes by a sword.

And am I the only one who never would have thought of cutlery as anything other than knives and kitchen utensils?

Robert Bayn said...

downtime sucks ass, and i had just installed firefox and i thought it was that, one thing i do like about IE at least it says page can't displayed unlike firefox which says "no data found", thats just weird.

John Howard said...

I hate Firefox, it's all hype.

Robert Bayn said...

well IE was freezing up on me all the time, so was either use firefox or bitch at my pc everyday.

John Howard said...

I've never had any problems with IE. I didn't really have any problems with Firefox, either. But it wasn't what everyone made it out to be. And I still had to use IE for a lot of sites anyway. So I'd rather just use IE for everything, than have to use Firefox sometimes and IE sometimes.