Monday, March 07, 2005

Actors act even before I know who they are

I always think it's fun to watch an old movie or TV show and find actors who I've come to know since, back when they were in smaller roles where I hadn't noticed them before. Like the last time I watched GoodFellas and noticed that Christopher from The Sopranos (Michael Imperioli) played the kid that served them at their poker game. He was also one of the losers who got expelled in Lean on Me.

So this weekend, I was flipping around and noticed that Ben from Carnivale (Nick Stahl) played the kid in Man Without a Face. And later I watched the end of Young Guns II and noticed that Josh from The West Wing (Bradley Whitford) played the reporter talking to Billy The Kid. And speaking of Carnivale, I just saw Jonesy (Tim DeKay) on an episode of Seinfeld (The Soul Mate) , which I thought was strange since I had noticed him before on another episode (The Bizarro Jerry) and had never thought of those two guys as being the same character, but apparently, they were.

Another thing I realized when watching TV this weekend, was that I don't watch many comedies anymore. I watch plenty of new shows, from all the stuff on HBO to Lost, and Desperate Housewives, and some reality shows, but I can't think of any comedies that I really watch regularly other than Curb Your Enthusiasm. Am I just missing some great comedy (don't tell me Arrested Development) or are there just not as many good ones anymore?

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