Thursday, March 17, 2005

So, what about the 'crisis'?

So let me see if I understand this correctly, Social Security is in crisis, something must be done to fix t, according to President Bush, but his plan that he is going around the country wasting time on "do not solve the issue" but he just thinks that when we do get around to solving the issue, that his plan will make things better for people "with whatever emerges as a Social Security solution."

Huh? So let's just ignore for a minute the fact that Bush's plan sucks and there's pretty much no way it's going to help anyone except his Wall Street buddies, if there is such a crisis, why don't we focus on that and fix it first instead of focusing so much attention on something else that admittedly will not fix it? And how can you suggest that a plan will work better with "whatever emerges" when you don't know what will emerge?

Bush has been pushing this crisis nonesense for so long now, how can people not be outraged when he says his plan won't fix the problem and nonchalantly mentions "whatever emerges as a Social Security solution," like it's not a big deal?

This guy is such a moron, I honestly don't understand how he has a single supporter on the right, left or otherwise.

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