Monday, March 14, 2005

I used to like Dick Vitale

Now I'm just tired of him. He seems to get paid for doing absolutely nothing. In this article he whines briefly about a couple of teams that he says got snubbed, then makes his picks. The thing that stood out to me about this is that he picks his sleepers, who he defines as "a team seeded No. 5 or lower" and they are three 5 seeds and a 9 seed. Way to go out on a limb there, Dickie V. So he makes up his own defiinition which is a pretty crappy one in the first place, then he sticks very close to it with one exception.

The I notice in his Elite Eight matchups that none of this sleepers have made it there. Since three of them are 5 seeds, they are presumably supposed to win their first round matchup against a 12, and if they're not going to make it to the Elite Eight, then the entire insight of his sleeper picks is that they may possibly win their second round matchups against a 4 seed. Big upsets there. As for the one non 5 seed he picks, Pittsburgh, they have to get through Pacific and Washington to make the Sweet 16, so he doesn't exactly have anything earth shattering even when he strays from his self imposed ceiling of a 5 seed for sleepers.

Did anyone read this crap before they published it? Do they just send him a check for whatever nonesense he can come up with? Hell, did he even pick the entire bracket? All I see are his "sleepers", his elite eight and final four picks. Does he think they're going to stop at four this year? Does he realize there are games before they get to the elite eight?

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