Sunday, March 06, 2005


If HBO only had movies, I wouldn't even bother with it anymore, but as it is, I happily plunk down whatever it is I'm paying every month because of the great shows they keep cranking out. I came around a little late on The Sopranos, then I watched Six Feet Under right from the beginning, then tried to watch Carnivale from the start, only to give up and realize later what a mistake that was, and now I'm also hooked on Deadwood. While watching the premiere of Deadwood tonight, I saw a preview for Rome which is going to be the next series I'm going to get hooked on. I studied a lot of Roman History when I took Latin and high school, so I'm very interested in the subject. Combine that interest with HBOs record of producing great drama, and the ability to show graphic sex, violence and profanity, and I just can't wait to see this show. Even the preview was great. Anyone else addicted to HBO?

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