Monday, March 07, 2005

Italians don't want to forgive US troops.

Setting aside for a minute the conspiracy theories and allegations against the US, even if we just assume this was completely an accident, shouldn't we really closely examine our policies if killing innocent people, just in case, is the result? I understand that the troops are in a difficult position, and must make quick decisions on which their lives depend, but if we really have no idea how to decide who is a threat and who isn't, and it means randomly shooting people whose only crime was to be in a country that we decided to invade, in order to keep our soldiers safe, isn't it just time to bring them home?

What good is it if the people who we are supposed to be protecting have to fear our soldiers as much as the insurgents? Especially when our presence there may be a large part of the reason that there is an insurgency in the first place. We've transferred power, they've had elections, we've turned a million fucking corners, just start the process of bringing our troops home, already, so we can stop looking like assholes to the rest of the world.

I know a lot of people, even those against the war think that since we broke it, we have to fix it, and I might agree, if I thought there was any hope that we could fix it. But as it is, I say we just get the hell out of there as soon as is realistically possible.

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