Thursday, March 31, 2005

Girl Calls 911 After Parents Killed

I'm sure everyone has heard this story by now, it's pretty sad. But what really bothers me is the emphasis I've seen being put on the Judge's failure to issue an injunction against the guy. While it may be fun to say "I told you so" to the judge, and wonder how he could possibly make such a decision when there was obviously a reason for these people to be worried, what the fuck do people think would have happened any differently if the judge had ordered the injunction??? Do they think that the killer would have been on his way out the door to kill these people then shoot himself and then on the way to his car, slapped himself on the forehead, said "oh fuck, that's right...the injunction" then went back inside and watched tv instead? Restraining orders are good for people who are harrassing, but people who are violent aren't going to be worried about them, especially murderers, and particularly suicidal murderers. As soon as the penalty for the actual crime outweighs the penalty for violating the order, then the incentive to stay away is no longer a factor. Common sense seems to be in ridiculously short supply these days.

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