Thursday, June 16, 2005

Amendment to Patriot Act keeps book records private

Ok, now we're on the right track. However, perhaps we should stop amending the Patriot Act and just ditch the thing altogether, since all it seems to do is restrict people's freedom and privacy.

"We need to be careful that in our efforts to end terrorism, we don't end the very liberties our soldiers are fighting to protect," Salazar said in a news release. "Congress must do all it can to prevent another terrorist attack, but we can do that without undermining basic constitutional rights."

Exactly. Jesus Christ that is such a simple concept, I can't believe it took Congress this long to figure it out. Well, at least they did figure it out. I do wonder what the 187 morons who voted against this amendment were thinking. People made a big deal over the Senators who didn't co-sponsor the lynching apology resolution which basically did nothing. Let's see if anyone cares about the 187 represenatives that think it's ok for the government to police what you're reading.

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