Friday, June 17, 2005

Gov. Bush Seeks New Inquiry Into Schiavo Case

Hey Jeb, you asshole, I know you're pissed because all the wingnuts turned on you when you failed to send in the National Guard to "save Terri," but to further disparage the reputation of a man who has been through quite enough already, and been proven innocent of every baseless claim that has been brought against him, is not the way to do it. Because there are reasonable people who can also vote, and don't want this sort of witch hunt to ever be used against them.

I know you would have ben happier if Terri had been proven to have some sort of brain function or chance at improvement, but she didn't and that's the end of it. You were wrong. Maybe you should have considered this possibility (especially since it was pretty obvious, anyway) before you stuck your nose into someone else's personal family decisions. Either way, your reputaion will not be restored by further attempts to ruin Michael Schiavo's. All you are doing is separating your reasonable supporters from your crazy wingnut extreme Christian Right supporters. Asshole.

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