Friday, June 17, 2005

Candling Part 2

I'm sure no one remembers my candling post, but after hearing about this ear candling stuff from my wife, then posting about it, and reading the Cecil Adams column about it that my brother posted in the comments, I was pretty sure it was a big hoax. So, last night we went to dinner at our friends, Mike and Brittany's, house and they had these candles, and my wife wanted to try it. So they did one candle in my wife's ears and afterwards, Brittany cut it open and showed us all the stuff inside. So I said that I wasn't saying for sure that it doesn't work, but the article I had read sounded pretty conclusive, and we could just burn the other one and see. So we burned the other one without putting it in anyone's ears. And when we cut it open, sure enough, it had all the exact same crap in it that the first one had. In the interest of fairness (and because Brittany will probably read this ), I should point out that Brittany claims there was a larger clump of something in the one from my wife's ear that wasn't present in the "control" candle. I didn't see it, it looked exactly the same to me, so I'm convinced. Brittany and Mike both said it feels good, though. So, I say, if it feels good, I guess it doesn't really matter too much if it actually works or not.

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