Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lost laptop may delay teen's diploma

how do you lose a laptop, anyway? That's pretty irresponsible. I don't have any problem with what the school is doing, they don't really have a lot of leverage to get the girl to pay. It seems pretty unfair, but she could have thought about that when she wasn't paying attention to what she did with a computer that didn't even belong to her.

Actually, the part of this story that is surprising to me is why the fuck are they giving laptops to kids in the first place? I love computers, I think they're pretty helpful for lots of reasons, but you don't need one to go to school. I'm surprised it was only two that they didn't get back. Have a computer lab, and let students use it if they need a computer, but loaning out laptops is just asking for these kinds of problems. Not to mention all the porn and spyware they must have to clean off of these things.

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