Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'Osama Bin Laden alive and well'

Well, of course he is, it's not like anyone is looking for him or anything. Seriously, how on Earth do the Bush supporters (who all can't seem to get an entire sentence out without mentioning 09/11) justify this? Yes Saddam was a bad guy, and we got him, but the bad guy we were supposed to be looking for (the one who actually did attack us) is free, and alive an well. Well, that's just fucking great. Does anyone really think that if we had stayed in Afghanistan with anywhere near the same resources we've wasted in Iraq, that we couldn't have found Osama and destroyed the Taliban? Instead we pushed them all into hiding, and all but left to go after Iraq. Now we're stuck in Iraq and the Taliban might well end up back in power in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is supposed to be Bush's big success. Great job!

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