Thursday, June 23, 2005

Commander: Iraq Insurgency Still Strong

I wish these idiots would at least get together in a room somewhere and agree on what lies they're going to tell us. This guy says the insurgency is still strong, Cheney says it's in its last throes (whatever the fuck that means). Rice says it's a generational commitment, but before the war, Rumsfeld doubted it would take eve six months. You'd think they'd all talk to each other enough to at least make their bullshit fit together more consistently. The worst part is that people actually go along with this crap. It's insulting. Are we honestly supposed to believe that whatever information the US commander in the middle east is basing his opinion on was not available to the Vice President last week? Because if it was, then it's pretty fucking clear that Cheney is just full of shit (which was pretty obvious anyway). So why don't people use a little common sense when listening to these fucknuts? Assholes.

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