Saturday, June 11, 2005


After that book meme (that no one tagged me with, despite the fact that I get tagged with all those other stupid memes) and my post on Orson Scott Card, which generated some good comments, I started thinking. I love to read, I read all the time, but I'm not sure you'd realize that reading my blog. So I've decided to start talking a little bit about what I'm reading occasionally, to (hopefully) generate some good discussion about books. I also review everyting I read on Amazon, so you can check out my reviews if you want (I'm not saying they're any good).

So, right now I'm right in the middle of Hidden Empire, the first book of The Saga of Seven Suns by Kevin J. Anderson. It's pretty interesting so far, lots of good characters, but it's been a little slow up until just where I got to today, where there's some good action. Now that the action has started to pick up a little, I hope to finish it pretty quickly and move on to the next book if the rest of this one doesn't suck. Anyone else read it? Anyone reading anything good that you'd like to share? I'm always looking for good books, so let me know.

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