Tuesday, June 07, 2005


With the recent Supreme Court decision on medical marijuana, I thought I should post something about it. Now, I don't smoke pot, and the only time I tried it, it didn't do anything for me, so I'm not just trying to rationalize some vice I have. But marijuana being illegal is just flat out stupid. I don't undertand why it should have ever been illegal in the first place. If you just don't want people doing things that are bad for them, then there are a lot more things that need to be prohibited before marijuana. If my neighbor gets high every night, I really don't give a shit, just like I hope he doesn't give a shit if I want to drink a beer when I get home. Not to mention the fact that it being against the law isn't really going to stop my neighbor from doing it, anyway.

However, aside from that, you would think that everyone could agree that if people are using it for medical reasons, then we could certainly tolerate that. But, I guess not. It's bad enough that the Supreme Court pretty clearly has no basis to regulate this in the first place, but even if they did, it's a bad idea. If they think people are abusing it, and it's being used by people for whom it is not medically necessary, then there are other ways to address that problem. But I see no reason to take away something which pretty clearly just makes sick people feel better. You would think someone could come up with a pill that works just as well, and they could use that instead, but why should they have to? What difference does it make how people get the drug? I'm not here to decide for people how they should treat their illness, and the governement shouldn't be in that postion either. By the way, this is another issue where the "small government" republican supporters often seem to be on the side that is all up in people's business.

It's bad enough that we can't even agree that adults should be allowed to decide what to put into their own bodies, even worse that they can't even do it with the help of a doctor. Just leave people alone, the government shouldn't be making personal decisions for people. Assholes.

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