Friday, June 10, 2005

Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low - Yahoo! News

I guess you can't fool people indefinitely. As disgusted as I am that people didn't come to their senses before electing this moron again (what about him do they know now that they didn't know then?), I guess it's nice that they are coming to their senses at all.

Now if the media can just get his cock out of their collective mouth long enough to notice that he isn't popular anymore, then maybe we'll see some real reporting again. Ok, probably not, but I can hope. I think the perception that he is popular comes more from his rabid blind followers who will loudy support anything he says no matter how ridiculous, than from any actual popularity. The same sort of people who call up Sean Hannity to tell him he is a great American. The fact is everythig this guy touches turns to shit, and you can offer excuses, blame it on September 11th, blame it on Clinton, blame it on whoever all you want, eventually the moron has to take some responsibility for the pitiful job he is doing running this country. All I can say to anyone who voted for this incompetent moron is, I hope you feel safe from the bogeyman.

Also, everytime there is anything negative about Bush coming from the left, Republicans dismiss it as typical left-wing Bush hatred. Well, here's a question for those people, why on earth shouldn't I hate this guy? Despite what the blind patriotic types think, I really like this country, and I don't appreciate it being fucked up by some idiot. I wonder why they don't seem to mind.

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