Wednesday, June 08, 2005

An image of Jesus: All that in a bag of chips

Oh fuck. Ok, I could see that if you looked at this stupid thing just right, there is something that vaguely resembles a bearded guy with long hair, but how exactly do we get from that to Jesus? Why couldn't it be some homeless guy down the street? Why do people automatically assume that if they can make out an image of a person in anything that it has to be some sort of religous figure? Maybe the power to put your image on someone's food is pretty common in the afterlife. I guess I should just be happy that this one doesn't look like someone's private parts like that stain that was supposed to be Mary, but actually looked like a pussy. Although, if you turned this thing counterclockwise about 90 degrees, I could make an argument that it looks as much like a penis as it does like Jesus. Anyway, would someone just eat the fucking thing already.

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