Sunday, June 26, 2005

'Batman' on top as box office decline hits record

I've heard this new Batman movie is really good, and I really don't know anything about the others mentioned, but when the top movies they mention are a new Batman movie, a movie madefrom a TV show, another Herbie movie (was Herbie ever really that popular?), and a horror sequel,is it any wonder that they're in a slump? The thing that I see in common with all those movies is that there isn't an original idea in the bunch. I know these kinds of things are seen as less risky in Hollwood (or I guess they are, or why else would they keep doing it), but at some point, people want to see something new. I'm sure there are plenty of original ideas out there, but there probably aren't many people willing to risk anything on them. Hell, I'm not even slightly creative, but I imagine I could come up with something better than another freaking Herbie movie.

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