Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First Amendment gains support as fears ease

Well, it's nice that the First fucking Amendment is gaining support. How sad is it that someone can even write a headline like that? I don't even understand how this relates to terrorism in the first place. People apparenly actually used September 11th to jusitfy changing their minds about how important the First Amendment is. Why? Does the First Amendment contain some clause about the right to hijack planes that I'm not aware of? Are people afraid that if we let terrorists speak, their ideas will seem so attractive that we'll all be brainwashed? I don't get it.

Well, regardless of the fact that I have no idea why support for it would have ever decreased, it's nice to see the First Amendment gaining support again.

Oh, I wonder how people who lost support for the First Amendment after September 11th felt about the Second Amendment around the same time. Just a hunch, but I'll be their support for that one didn't change too much.

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DBK said...

Some years ago, maybe ten or so, a little experiment was performed. Now I don't remember the exact details, and maybe the story is apocryphal since it was reported on a news channel, of that I am certain, so it could very well be false. But some folks showed the textof the First Amendment to a lot of Americans and asked them what they thought about having a law like that. 62% of them thought some or all of it was a bad idea.

At the time I remember thinking how maybe this means 62% of all Americans should be deported. I still think that. The problem is, nobody would take them.

John Howard said...

Yeah, people are stupid.

Robert Bayn said...

If we lose our rights because of terriost.....what exactly is our boys fighting for then......dosen't this just make all the great people who gave thier lifes for this great country, all for not, means nothing, if in the end we lose the freedoms.

John Howard said...

Yeah, it doesn't make any logical sense, whatsoever.

Rob the Dirty Liberal said...

People are so stupid. I'd just love to them to see what the real consequences of getting rid of the First Amendment would be. They'd be quite unhappy when government walks into their PTA meetings or church group and begins to regulate what they can say. Stupid people ANGER ME!!

beakerkin said...

More whining what president used the Rico act against protesters ? Hint it wasn't Bush but chew on that for a while and remember Voltaire and your silence.