Saturday, June 25, 2005

'You're Reading...What?'

Hilary Armstrong was happy to see her 12-year-old daughter Katherine reading at the kitchen table one afternoon -- until, that is, she glanced at the back of the book jacket. "I was mortified," says Mrs. Armstrong. The book, which her daughter got from a friend, had a blurb on the back that read, "After all, no one really wants to go to college a virgin."

The San Francisco mom allowed Katherine to finish the novel, one of the popular "Gossip Girl" series, but started keeping closer tabs on her daughter's reading material. She wishes the book business would help out. "It would be nice if they had a big rating on it, like at the movies," Mrs. Armstrong says.

Well, if all the information you needed to see that it was inappropriate was on the book jacket, then how about instead of a rating, you just read the fucking book jacket if you're worried about what your daughter is reading? Is that so hard? She seriously wants a rating on a book? Do people even seriously pay attention to the ratings on movies? This stuff is all pretty subjective. If you want to regulate what your kids watch or read, then stop being so lazy and find out exactly what it is they are watching or reading. It really isn't that hard.

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