Friday, June 10, 2005

IE 6 Tapped For Tabs

I'm all for them adding tabs to IE, since I use IE and that is the one useful thing that Firefox actually has that's not just all hype, but I'm not adding some stupid MSN Toolbar to get them. I use the Google Toolbar (which everyone should use), and I don't want to add another one. Then there's this:

MSN Search Toolbar is part of a three-toolbar suite that also includes a search tool for Microsoft's Outlook e-mail client and another for searching local files from the desktop.
emphasis mine

I don't want to add any more toolbars, I certainly don't want to add three. I might download this just to see what it actually looks like. If so, I'll let you know if it's any good. If I don't mention it again, just assume it sucks and I didn't want to waste anymore time on it.

UPDATE: It doesn't seem so bad. It only adds one toolbar, I'm not sure what the three toolbar suite stuff was about. It has several things that I can't get rid of that I already use the Google toolbar for, so I don't like that duplication, but at the resolution I'm using (2048x1536), I have plenty of space, so I'll keep it on here for a while and see if I like the tabs enough to keep it.

UPDATE II: Even though it is using tabs in the same IE window, each tab gets its own button on the Windows taskbar, but clicking on those buttons just brings you back to IE, not to the specific tab you clicked on, so that really blows.

UPDATE III: Actually, most of the taskbar buttons simply do nothing, only the one for the active tab will actually bring you back to IE, or minimize or restore it. So that really, really blows.

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