Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hate the Flick? Some Theaters Offer Refunds

I doubt much is going to bring people back to the theaters these days, with it being so much easier to watch movies at home. The only allure of the theater is for movies that you just have to see on a big screen, and movies that you have to see right away. I don't think there are so many of those anymore. Anyway, I don't think these silly gimmicks are going to get many people to show up. If they really want to so something for people, they'll stop charging $4 for a drink I could get for $1.25 at a drive thru, or $3.50 for some candy I could get for 80 cents from a convenience store. Ticket prices seem pretty high these days, but nothing is as ridiculous at the movie theater as the insane price of concessions.

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Paul the Spud said...

Indeed. Pete over at A perfectly cromulent blog had some choice comments on this very subject the other day.

When i worked at a theatre (all through high school), we had people demanding their money back all the time. And they got it, too (usually in the form of free movie tickets, not unlike throwing a starving dog a rubber bone).

It's a product, just like anything else. We *should* get our money back for the slop they're slinging these days.

Me4Prez said...

The problem with movie theaters is that the popcorn had crack or heroin in it. I should be happy trying to watch the DVD's in my NetFlix queue, but I need the popcorn.

Paul the Spud said...

Want to know the secret of movie theatre popcorn?

Coconut oil.

Yep, making the popcorn in coconut oil gives it that bright yellow color and "movie theatre smell." If you can get your hands on some, you can make it at home in your own popper.

Uh, provided you have a popper, and aren't a microwave popcorn type.

The secret is out! Now you only need to get some artificial butter-like flavoring substance, and you'll be in like flynn.

John Howard said...

How do I get that sticky stuff all over my floor?

Paul the Spud said...

You don't want to know.