Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Brain Was Irreversibly Atrophied

Whaaaaa? But Bill Frist said that it wasn't. I guess his diagnosis via old video methods aren't as foolproof as he led us to believe. Apparently, she was also completely blind, which makes that following the balloon nonesense kind of hard to believe.

The autopsy, which included more than 274 external and internal images of her body, also found no signs of trauma or neck injury. She didn't suffer any neglect or abuse, Thogmartin said.

So, I guess now we'll hear the apologies rolling in from all those people that accused this poor guy of beating and/or neglecting his wife, right? Right? Yeah, if I were to hold my breath waiting for those, I would probably end up in a persistent vegatative state.

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