Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gay Days 2005

Well, after finding out that the time I was going to spend at Universal Studios over the weekend coincided with gay days, I had looked forward to posting a hilarious accounting of my observations as I tried to shield my son's eyes from all the buttfucking outside of Shrek 4-D and dodged cum shots while wating in line at Men In Black. But, the truth is, if no one had told me in advance, I wouldn't have even realized that it was gay days. I only saw a total of four people that I was pretty sure were gay, and two of those only because they briefly put their arms around each other when I happened to see them. And I woulnd't have noticed even those four people if I hadn't been on the lookout for debauchery. I didn't even see any hot lesbian sex at Jurassic Park. As it turns out, gay people are just like everyone else.

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