Saturday, June 04, 2005

Vacation Part 2

I'm waiting to head to Universal this morning, so I'm trying to suck every last bit of internet access out of my $9.95. I'm not wearing my red shirt today, but it's the only shirt I have left to wear tomorrow, so that should be fun. Strangely, my wife seems unconcerned about all the gay sex that our son and her other son who is with us are going to see today. Hopefully, they won't turn gay right there at the park, and I can get them deprogrammed when we get home.

The hotel we're staying at now is great, but I have some advice for the hotel we stayed at on Thursday. If you have to put a sign on the dishes that says, "The dishes were washed with dish detergent, but have not been sanitized to restaurant standards," then just don't bother, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm drinking out of it then. Just use paper cups. Also, just because you cram the beds into one half the room, stick a love seat in the other half and put up a half a wall in between, doesn't really make it a suite.

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