Thursday, June 30, 2005

ABC pulls edgy reality show after groups complain

I know I saw some posts about this show. I wasn't really sure how I felt about it, I was planning on watching it to see how it handled sensitive issues, but I guess I won't be doing that. Anyway, I just hadn't seen any posts about it being pulled, so I thought I would pass it along.

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Well this isn't at all surprising

So, let's see we've got W, Tom DeLay, that idiot Governor signing bigoted laws in a church, and now a mad cow. If I wasn't a Cowboys fan, I'd have to say that anything that comes out of Texas really sucks these days. Of course, the Cowboys did suck last year, so maybe that still applies.

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PlayStation 3's Cell chip for military Use.

If we're going to use video game chips for military systems, why can't we just take it one step further and just fight wars using videogames instead. It's a lot less messy. After all, they're doing it with a baseball game. Then maybe some of those war supporters who for some reason haven't signed up to fight yet would sign up to play video games for thier country. It seems like a win win situation to me, we get to have pointless wars, no one gets hurt, and we'll probably still win, since I would imagine we have better gamers than the terrorists.

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Spain legalises gay marriage

Wow. I feel terrible for all those poor heterosexual Spanish married couples whose marraiges will be destroyed by this.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Blogger posted a workaround for my template problem, so I got my template back...mostly. I still have some issue with the margin after the end of the sidebar, but they said they're working on a permanent fix, so hopefully, when they get that done, everything will be back to normal.

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A Picture Share!

Testing this mobile blogging thing. This is my son.

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Testing the new Blogger image posting thing.

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Nixon Called Indira Gandhi an 'Old Witch'

This is news? So, a guy who has been dead for years called a woman who has been dead for even longer, a slightly insensitive name in private. Wow, what a revelation, will the world ever be the same again?

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Hate the Flick? Some Theaters Offer Refunds

I doubt much is going to bring people back to the theaters these days, with it being so much easier to watch movies at home. The only allure of the theater is for movies that you just have to see on a big screen, and movies that you have to see right away. I don't think there are so many of those anymore. Anyway, I don't think these silly gimmicks are going to get many people to show up. If they really want to so something for people, they'll stop charging $4 for a drink I could get for $1.25 at a drive thru, or $3.50 for some candy I could get for 80 cents from a convenience store. Ticket prices seem pretty high these days, but nothing is as ridiculous at the movie theater as the insane price of concessions.

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Bush Insists Iraq War Is 'Worth It' In Sober Speech

Well, of course it's worth it for him, he doesn't have to sacrifice anything for it. Seems like a lot of war supporters are that way. They think it's a good thing, as long as someone else is fighting it. I really can't understand this position. I think anyone who really and truly supported this war would be at their local recruiting office.

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Having studied a lot of Roman History in high school, when I took Latin, I was excited to see the previews for Rome, the new show on HBO in the fall. Then I also saw a commercial recently for Empire, the new show on ABC that started last night. I watched the whole thing. Wow! Did it suck! First of all, I think the main thing you need to do in any work about Rome is to convey the majesty and greatness of it. This show failed miserably to do that. It looked like the entire city was located in someone's backyard. Also, I don't remember enough of the specifics of the history I studied to know if it was as accurate as it should have been, and while all the main points seemed to fit with what I remember, it still seemed off somehow. Maybe it was the focus on the slave that Caesar enlisted to protect Octavius, that didn't feel right. Also, the acting, dialog, all that, just wasn't very good. I doubt I'll watch next week, but maybe if nothing else is on. ABC has had a lot of new shows I have really liked lately, so this one sucking so bad was disappointing.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Utah firefighters battle 15,000-acre blaze

Not to be mean or anything, but this story made me wonder. If the entire state of Utah burnt to the ground, would anyone really even notice?

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Tabloid gives donation for insulting burn victim

What about the other nine people? Is it ok to call them ugly? Does becoming ugly because of a tragic accident give you some sort of protecion from being made fun of? If not, then I think the other nine people need to ask The Weekly World News where their donations are.

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Operator's ice capade on a Zamboni brings a DWI

Damn drunk drivers, they get all liquored up and they act like they're the only drivers on the ice. Oh, nevermind.

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First Amendment gains support as fears ease

Well, it's nice that the First fucking Amendment is gaining support. How sad is it that someone can even write a headline like that? I don't even understand how this relates to terrorism in the first place. People apparenly actually used September 11th to jusitfy changing their minds about how important the First Amendment is. Why? Does the First Amendment contain some clause about the right to hijack planes that I'm not aware of? Are people afraid that if we let terrorists speak, their ideas will seem so attractive that we'll all be brainwashed? I don't get it.

Well, regardless of the fact that I have no idea why support for it would have ever decreased, it's nice to see the First Amendment gaining support again.

Oh, I wonder how people who lost support for the First Amendment after September 11th felt about the Second Amendment around the same time. Just a hunch, but I'll be their support for that one didn't change too much.

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Books - Let's try this again.

Ok, so my last book post didn't go over well. No one had anything to say about it. But, I don't give up that easily. I imagine once I start reading something a little more popular, I'll get more comments. But anyway, I finished the book I was reading. I thought it was pretty good. It started pretty slow, but that is to be expected with an epic science fiction series, I think. And once the action started, it got going pretty well, and was very interesting. My review of it can be found here.

So, now I am starting the second book in the series, which I got for Father's Day. I hope it will be better than the first, as it doesn't have to have all the slow parts setting everything up.

So, has anyone else read this series, or anything else by this author? Anyone reading anything interesting they'd like to recommend?

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Monday, June 27, 2005

The saga of the comments

Ok, so a while back I decided to switch to Haloscan comments because they allowed people to comment without a Blogger ID, as well as have the comments come up in a separate popup window. So, of course like an hour or so after I switched, Blogger added that functionality into their comments. But I didn't switch back because it's just a hassle. But now, I keep having a lot of problems with Haloscan, so I decided to switch back, since Blogger now has the features I want.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone, and I hope everyone will continue to comment. Also, I should note that if you do have a Blogger ID, it will defualt to you using that when you post, but if you choose other, you can type whatever name you want along with a link to your own blog, kind of like how Haloscan does it, instead of having that worthless link to your profile that using your Blogger ID uses.

Oh, and this also allows you to delete your comments, which is a pretty useful feature.

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Bush Trying to Win Over Americans on Iraq

As public support for his Iraq policy declines, President Bush is working to convince wary Americans that he has a military and political strategy for success in the war in which 1,730 U.S. troops have been killed.
emphasis mine

Ok, so instead of telling people over and over again how you have a strategy, why not tell people clearly what that strategy is, and not change it next week? And while you're at it, explain how that strategy in any way resembles the crap you sold to the American people in order to get us in to this was in the first place.

"The Iraqi people are growing in optimism and hope," Bush said. "They understand that the violence is only a part of the reality in Iraq."

Am I the only one who thinks it's incredibly presumptuous and insulting for him to speak for the Iraqi people?

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Wired News: We're Not Dismembering Babies

It's really sad that they have to waste $50,000 to teach people things would should be pretty obvious to anyone with any common sense. Embryos are not people, that's not a difficult concept.

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Iraq rebellion 'could last years'

Isn't this the same guy who doubted it would take six months before the war started? Isn't it sort of his job to know this kind of thing?

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General admits to secret air war

Why doesn't anyone give a shit about this? I know it's old news that Bush wanted to invade Iraq right from the beginning, even though he kept saying it was a last resort. But why doesn't anyone care? Going to war is a pretty big deal. I know all the conservative war supporters will say that we did a great thing by eliminating the mass graves and rape rooms and all that (and that is great), but if that was the goal, why couldn't we be told that was the goal in the first place? Obviously, this war was sold using whatever the administration could get people to swallow. The worst part is, they keep changing that as people are less able to swallow what came before. I certainly don't think it's too much to ask for the President to decide on a clear objective and reason before going to war, and to share that with the people who he is asking to fight the war. I also don't think it's too much to ask that when he changes the objective to fit whatever the current facts are that people demand answers from him, and that he should be able to give them. And "It's hard work" is not an answer. So, now it seems pretty clear that not only was Bush determined to go to war before he actually said he was, but he was actually going to war before he said he was. That seems like a pretty big deal to me.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

'Batman' on top as box office decline hits record

I've heard this new Batman movie is really good, and I really don't know anything about the others mentioned, but when the top movies they mention are a new Batman movie, a movie madefrom a TV show, another Herbie movie (was Herbie ever really that popular?), and a horror sequel,is it any wonder that they're in a slump? The thing that I see in common with all those movies is that there isn't an original idea in the bunch. I know these kinds of things are seen as less risky in Hollwood (or I guess they are, or why else would they keep doing it), but at some point, people want to see something new. I'm sure there are plenty of original ideas out there, but there probably aren't many people willing to risk anything on them. Hell, I'm not even slightly creative, but I imagine I could come up with something better than another freaking Herbie movie.

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Two Aruba suspects ordered released

I really didn't want to post anything about this case, because I can just never understand how the media decides which of all the missing people in the world are important enough to focus so much coverage on. But, as I keep seeing all this crap all over the news, it's really made me wonder. I don't know much about Aruba or their judicial system, but I'm really starting to think their investigative technique is to arrest everyone they can find and hope someone confesses. Is there anyone on that island thet hasn't been arrested yet?

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Everyone wants to know what QEII has on her brand-new iPod.

Well, not everyone. Who the fuck cares what the Queen or anyone else has on their iPod? And if it is such a fucking big deal, why not just ask them? I remember when it was a big story about Bush's fucking iPod. Who gives a shit? I would guess that they have a whole shitload of music on there that they had some flunky download for them. I'm boycotting the iPod until people stop worshipping it like it's a cult leader. What the hell would I do with 20 GB of music anyway?

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Hermes: Sorry, Oprah

I don't know about the rest of you, but if I get to a store after it has closed, there's no way in hell they're going to let me in. And I'm certainly not going to get an apology for it from anyone. I pretty much always assumed that stores have closing times because that's when they...well, close. Now, I know it is probably different when you're filthy rich and famous. I'm sure people make exceptions for you all the time. But just because one won't, there's no reason to make such a big deal about it. It sure does make Oprah look like a big baby. Maybe she should just be thankful that she is able to shop at stores like that in the first place.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

'You're Reading...What?'

Hilary Armstrong was happy to see her 12-year-old daughter Katherine reading at the kitchen table one afternoon -- until, that is, she glanced at the back of the book jacket. "I was mortified," says Mrs. Armstrong. The book, which her daughter got from a friend, had a blurb on the back that read, "After all, no one really wants to go to college a virgin."

The San Francisco mom allowed Katherine to finish the novel, one of the popular "Gossip Girl" series, but started keeping closer tabs on her daughter's reading material. She wishes the book business would help out. "It would be nice if they had a big rating on it, like at the movies," Mrs. Armstrong says.

Well, if all the information you needed to see that it was inappropriate was on the book jacket, then how about instead of a rating, you just read the fucking book jacket if you're worried about what your daughter is reading? Is that so hard? She seriously wants a rating on a book? Do people even seriously pay attention to the ratings on movies? This stuff is all pretty subjective. If you want to regulate what your kids watch or read, then stop being so lazy and find out exactly what it is they are watching or reading. It really isn't that hard.

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Temporary template change

Until I can figure out what the fuck happened to my other template, I have changed to this one. I tried to make it as similar to as I possibly could.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Fucked up template

My template is fucked up, I have no idea why, I haven't changed anything. I sent an email to Blogger support, so hopefully it will be resolved soon. If not, I might change my template at least temporarily. Anyway, sorry for the extra scrolling.

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Light posting

Sorry to my vast readership for the light posting the last couple of days. I had to saty home from work and watch my sone because my wife has a stone in her salivary gland, which makes her pretty much feel like shit. So, anyway, since I had this extra time to spend with my son, I didn't want to waste it on the computer. Although, we did play with his little fake computer a lot today. Boy is that thing annoying, especially since all he wants to do is turn it off and on, over and over and over again. But we had fun, he's a fun kid.

My wife might need to have surgery on Monday to get this thing out (hopefully not), so if I'm not posting much next week either, that's probably the reason.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dems Say Rove Should Apologize or Resign

Fuck that. And fuck Karl Rove. I don't want his apology. Even if he's pressured into giving one, he won't really mean it. I've already said that I'm tired of talking about apologies. Personally, I like it when the extermist fucknuts in this administration say crazy shit like this. It helps make it clear to everyone else what we already know, these people are fucking insane. Even if you're a Bush supporter, you have to recognize that this fucked up administration has divided America in a way that I've never seen in my lifetime. And what's worst, they did it shortly after we were as United as we've ever been after September 11th. Fuck Karl Rove and his bullshit use of September 11th for political gain. These fucknuts have been up to that shit since September 12th, maybe now everyone can see that. Assholes.

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Commander: Iraq Insurgency Still Strong

I wish these idiots would at least get together in a room somewhere and agree on what lies they're going to tell us. This guy says the insurgency is still strong, Cheney says it's in its last throes (whatever the fuck that means). Rice says it's a generational commitment, but before the war, Rumsfeld doubted it would take eve six months. You'd think they'd all talk to each other enough to at least make their bullshit fit together more consistently. The worst part is that people actually go along with this crap. It's insulting. Are we honestly supposed to believe that whatever information the US commander in the middle east is basing his opinion on was not available to the Vice President last week? Because if it was, then it's pretty fucking clear that Cheney is just full of shit (which was pretty obvious anyway). So why don't people use a little common sense when listening to these fucknuts? Assholes.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Actors on stuff from before they were recognizable

I just realized that Nate from Six Feet Under was one of the guys in the limo in the Seinfeld episode where George and Jerry steal a limo pretending to be someone else who turns out to be some big racist author. Also, I saw an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with Hurley from Lost playing a drug dealer that sells Larry some pot for his father's glaucoma.

It seem like every actor in a big hit show these days was on Seinfeld at some point, or at least one person from any big show.

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Mission: Imprecise

Great post from Shakespeare's Sister that clearly shows in his own words how Bush keeps changing the goals in Iraq. I've often meant to look for something that lays it out this well, but I'm kinda lazy and not much for the research. Anyway, go read it, it would be funny if it weren't so depressing.

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Powered Scooters Speeding Kids to the ER

When I was a kid, we rode our bikes everywhere. Everyone had a bike. Regardless of kids getting into accidents on these things (I remember plenty of kids getting hurt on their bikes, too), why do kids need them anyway? I'm sure they're fun, and everything, but why are kids too lazy to ride bikes anymore? I can't imagine coming home every few days and trying to tell my parents I needed gas money for my scooter. Out in the neighborhood my parents live in, I see a lot of kids riding around in golf carts now. Golf Carts! Ridiculous. Maybe I'm just getting old, but riding my bike all over the place was one of the things that really stands out about being a kid.

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House to Vote on Flag Burning Amendment

From the Congress wasting time department. There is no epidemic of flag burning that would require the passage of an amendment to alleviate. And even if there were, the only significance of that flag in the first place is as a symbol of the freedom we enjoy in this country. It is quite frankly stupid to try to protect a flag that stands for freedom by eliminating people's freedoms.

To those of you who might be a little slow, that doesn't mean that I support people burning the American flag, but I do support them having the right to do so.

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General Mills Touts Sugary Cereal As Healthy Kids Breakfast

Now, I love cereal, and I probably eat as much of it as anyone. And not the healthy crap like Grape Nuts or anything. I like the ones with all the sugar. But I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that it's in any way healthy. I like the spin they're using that it's better than no breakfast. Like if all these kids suddenly stop having cereal, they would just choose to starve instead. Anyway, I don't think it shold be a big issue. No one should be suprised that the cereal makers are trying to market their product. But I just thought it was funny how they are presenting it as something good. I'd really like to see one commercial that just says, this shit isn't good for you, if you eat it you will get fat, but hey, it tastes really good, so eat it anyway. Because, people would still eat it. And they wouldn't have to spin it as some sort of good thing.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Frist Reverses, Says He Will Push for Bolton Vote

Not that I'm surprised by Republicans changing positions or anything, but you would think that Frist wouldn't want to be seen so clearly as Bush's bitch.

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ACLU Says Bush Is Restricting Science - Yahoo! News

Jesus Christ, how much of this shit are people willing to allow in the name of protecting us from terrorism. I mean, I know that one terrorist attack we had that we use to excuse all this shit was horrific, but at some point we need to get on with our lives. If you're really so concerned about protecting people, there are a lot of other things you could focus your efforts on that have killed more people than terrorism: poverty, hunger, disease, highway safety, etc.

I also wonder why more people don't give a shit about Bush's War on Science. It seems that Bush would rather ignore science, or edit it out of reports to suit his needs than just pay attention to it and act accordingly. I guess when you get your agenda directly from God, there really isn't any need for science.

My guess is he probably just doesn't want to find out that Laura's been faking it all these years.

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Bush says US is in Iraq because of attacks on US - Yahoo! News

President George W. Bush defended the war in Iraq, telling Americans the United States was forced into war because of the September 11 terror strikes.

Wow! Now I know that most Americans don't read much and probably a lot of them do read haven't read the 09/11 commission report, and a lot of people probably aren't aware of what is in it, but Jesus Christ, you'd think the President would at least assume that some people might have paid a little bit of attention. Enough at least to get the word out to everyone else, so that at the very least he can't say incredibly stupid, insulting things like this.

That's right, it's insulting. When Bush says something like this, what he is really saying is that the American people are stupid. That he can do what he wants and say what he wants and get away with it simply because not enough people are paying attention. The saddest part is that he might be right.

Link via Shakespeare's Sister

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Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm so sorry

It seems like apologies are in the news a lot lately, with everyone on the right demanding that Dick Durbin apologize for his comments (even though he shouldn't since he didn't say anything wrong) and the Senate passing resolutions to apologize to the descendants of lynching victims (which is silly and means absolutely nothing) and some on the left calling for apologies from the Senators who failed to co-sponsor that same resolution (which is beyond ridiculous). I guess it's just me, but I'm not a big fan of empty apologies. I guess a lot of people are, though. Now, if someone makes a mistake, realizes it, then apologizes sincerely, then that's a good thing, I think. But apologies given only after being pressured, or apologies given by people who had nothing to do with the original thing being apologized for and/or to people who had nothing to do with it either. Those I could do without. I don't need any apologies from Senators who don't want to apologize, I don't need any apologies from the Runaway Bride, I don't need apologies from Barry Bonds, or Mark McGwire, and most of all I don't need an apology from George Bush. All I want to do is move on and hope that in the future we don't have so many fucking things to apologize for, if only so we could stop talking about fucking apologies, already.

I'm sorry if my language offended anyone.

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Local woman says key chain with porn scene found in burger

A specialist. She has to see a specialist because she bit a keychain. She's still in pain. Of course she is going to talk to a lawyer. Police are investigating.

Ok, obviously no one should have any foreign objects in their food. But I'm pretty skeptical when I see people complaining of such terrible pain and suffering over something so ridiculous. I've never bitten into a keychain, but I can't imagine that it would be likely to damage anyone's teeth..

I'm just surprised it didn't say anything about her emotional trauma from seeing the porn.

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Bush May Give Bolton Temporary Appointment to UN, Sen. Kyl Says

No surprise there. Instead of just admitting he made a mistake and offereing up a reasonable nomination, Bush is just going to do what he wants to do no matter what. Things like this should make us glad that he doesn't have the power to do similar things with extending the Patriot Act or changing Social Security. I'm sure Bush hates going through Congress for anything, since he has that direct line to God, he should be able to do whatever he wants.

Maybe they can work this temporary nomination out like Jeff Gannon's temporary press pass, so he can keep using it over and over again.

The White House and Republicans are whining that the Democrats are just blocking the nomination and don't really care about the information they have requested. Well, call their bluff, fucknuts and release the information, otherwise shut the fuck up about it, already.

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Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting fat turd

Club Gitmo shirts and hats, very funny. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the mentality of his listeners is that they would buy this crap. So, now, regardless of whether or not we can agree on what is going on there, and whether it is torture or not, it seems that this fat asshole thinks it's funny. Well, dickhead, that's what's wrong with America, idiots like you. This is disgusting. How much hot air would he spend denouncing something like this if it was someone in the Middle East selling this crap making fun of our soldiers who had been captured? Asshole.

Link via Pissed on Politics

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Senator Denounces Cops-and-Robbers Video Game

Doesn't denouncing video games just pretty much guarantee that they'll sell more? I mean, I don't think kids should be playing really violent video games, but let the parents police that, not the government. Put warning labels on it, and don't sell it to kids, but making a big fuss over it is just going to give that much more hype so people will want to buy it.

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Sony unhappy over PSP porn -

Yeah, I'm sure Sony is really upset that people might watch porn on the PSP. Come on, Sony doesn't give a shit what people are using the thing for, as long as they are using it.

"It is utterly undesirable, but we cannot stop software makers from selling such videos," a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment said

Or, in other words, "We love it, this will be another use for the PSP which will make it more marketable, but of course we can't really say that."

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

Since I became a father myself, it's really made me think a lot more about my relationship with my father. It's not really something I would ever talk to him about. Not that I would feel uncomfortable talking about anything with him, but just that I don't often talk about my feelings to anyone. Anyway, I'm sure that he knows that I love him, but I doubt he realizes how much I respect him, both as a father and as a person. I'm glad that I have such an example to look up to as I raise my own son, even as I might not be able to live up to it. And I appreciate the how great he is even more, because I knowthat he didn't have that same example to look up to. He had every excuse to be a lousy father, because that's what he had to grow up with. But I know if I told him that, he would dismiss it as not making sense and explain how having such a lousy father made sure that he didn't become one too. But either way, I know that the kind of father that he is to me (and my brother) is all his own doing, without any real role model to look up to, and I appreciate that.

As I watch my son grow, about the worst part of it that I can think of at this point is that he probably won't remember any of the fun we have together in his young life. But that also makes me realize there are probably so many similar memories to the ones I'm creating with my son that my dad shared with me that I don't remember. I hope there are anyway. And I know how much my dad just loves kids, so I'm sure there are. I see these memories as a gift my son is giving me, and I hope my dad feels the same way.

There may be things that I might have done differently than my father did, and that I may do differently with my own son, but I can honestly say that I can't think of anything really wrong that my dad (or my mom) did raising me. My parents weren't very strict, and they never sat me down and told me that I should treat other people well, or that I should respect other people, or drilled any values into my head. But somehow, I got all that from them anyway, I guess just from following the example that they set for me. I hope that as I raise my son, I can live up to that example, and set a similar example for him to follow.

I guess all I really want to say is Happy Father's Day to my dad, because if anyone deserves it, it's him.

Also, Happy Father's Day to my brother (who obviously has the same example I do), my father in law, who has always been there when I've needed him, and my brother in law who is stepfather to one ofmy nieces and two nephews and who is celebrating his first father's day after the birth of his own son.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

MasterCard Says 40 Million Files Are Put at Risk - New York Times

Jesus Christ, this is getting ridiculous. It seems like we don't go a week anymore without hearing about how millions of people's credit card numbers were compromised.

At my job, we work with a lot of personal health related data, and we had to change policies, taketrainingclasses, and actually physically move things around just to make sure we complied with laws surrounding the protection of that data. Those laws are serious and can have pretty serious penalties if they are broken.

Now, I'm no banker or anything, but I wonder why there aren't similar laws protecting people's financial data. Maybe there are, and I just don't know it, but it sure doesn't seem like there are. And if there aren't, why the hell aren't there? If they can take the time to do it for health related data, they ought to be able to do it to protect people's financial records.

Now, I certainly don't want anyone who doesn't have to looking at my health records, but if I had a choice between someone knowing when the last time I was hospitalized was, or knowing my credit card information, I'd rather they know about the hospitalization.

And even if there aren't laws. Companies obviously need to do a better job themselves of protecting this information.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Gov. Bush Seeks New Inquiry Into Schiavo Case

Hey Jeb, you asshole, I know you're pissed because all the wingnuts turned on you when you failed to send in the National Guard to "save Terri," but to further disparage the reputation of a man who has been through quite enough already, and been proven innocent of every baseless claim that has been brought against him, is not the way to do it. Because there are reasonable people who can also vote, and don't want this sort of witch hunt to ever be used against them.

I know you would have ben happier if Terri had been proven to have some sort of brain function or chance at improvement, but she didn't and that's the end of it. You were wrong. Maybe you should have considered this possibility (especially since it was pretty obvious, anyway) before you stuck your nose into someone else's personal family decisions. Either way, your reputaion will not be restored by further attempts to ruin Michael Schiavo's. All you are doing is separating your reasonable supporters from your crazy wingnut extreme Christian Right supporters. Asshole.

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Wingnuts and their strawmen

As I saw predicted in the comments at Shakespeare's Sister the other day, the wingnuts are trying to use crackpot conspiracy theories to discredit liberals with real issues like the Downing Street Memo.

Why they didn't invite former Department of Labor chief economist, Morgan Reynolds P.H.D, to explain what really happened on 9/11 is mystifying. The true believers (or more accurately "non-believers") were already in attendance. Think of the fun they could have had...

Conveniently, he doesn't document a single source that equates the two issues or even mentions both. But if they can paint everyone behind pushing the Downing Street Memo story as also supporters of these ridiculous conspiracy theories about September 11th, then it makes the DSM story look more like something from the extreme. That's the way they work over there, try to discredit the other side rather than have anything of value to offer yourself. Also just make stuff up in order to support their positions.

Anyway, let me state my position clearly. The Downing Street Memo is real news. It is independent evidence of things that were already pretty clear. I don't think it's necessarily a smoking gun, but I think it (along with other things we've heard about the time leading up to the war in Iraq) definitely warrants an investigation. I think it's pretty obvious that the President lied, and I htink the only reason that the other side doesn't care about this memo is because they also don't care that he lied, because they think he knows better than they do what is good for the country. And I also think that if people think that any planes didn't crash into the Pentagon and/or (and especially) the World Trade Center, then they've probably been smoking a little (actually a lot) too much of something or other.

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McDonald's giant drinks return

I really don't give a shit what size drink McDonald's does or doesn't sell. But if they had 42 ounce drinks before and called them supersized, and they got rid of them, and are now bringing them back, how can they claim that it's not the same thing? It's ridiculous.

And for all those people criticizing McDonald's for this, if you don't want a 42 ounce drink, don't order one. And if they say they are doing it to be competitive with other stores in the area, perhaps you should be criticizing the other stores as well.

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Durbin Defends Guantanamo Comments

Good for Dick Durbin. I honestly cannot understand why people attacking this guy think it's ok for us to be known as the country whose prisons are bad, but not as bad as Soviet gulags, and not as bad as Nazi prisons. I'm pretty sure that's not the standard we should be looking for.

I also don't understand how anyone can think it's ok to hold anyone, no matter what they've done indefinitely without charging them with anything, and without giving them due process. That is so completely opposed to everything that I believe makes America the great country that it is. Do people arguing that this is ok honestly think that the government is perfect and does not make mistakes? Because if there is one innocent man in those prisons, without even the oppurtunity to demonstrate his innocence, then that sucks. It might not seem that bad in the grand scheme of things, but if it was you, I'm sure it would seem like the worst thing that ever happened.

And please spare me the tired "they do a lot worse" argument. I'll keep saying this as long as I hear that ridiculous argument, we don't want to just be better than the enemy, or we shouldn't, anyway. We should want to be right, absolutely right, not just less wrong than they are.

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Emergency/Amber Alerts

Recently, I've noticed that whenever there is any kind of emergency (weather, amber) alert in my area, my cable box automatically switches to another channel displays the alert (which takes way longer than it should), then switches back. Now, I'm all for alerting people in an emergency, but this really bothers me, for a number of reasons.

First, it's my TV, I didn't ask to be notified in an emergency, so don't change my channel. Last night it happened during the game, which was a blowout and pretty much over, so it wasn't a big deal, but if that had happened during football season during a Cowboys game, or in the middle of one of my favorite shows, I would be pissed. Actually, now that I think about it, it did happen once during the Shield, and I was pretty pissed. I missed like 5 minutes of the show, which isn't a lot, but fuck, it's my TV.

Second, they don't know what I'm watching, so they shouldn't decide for me that their alert is more important. Last year during all the hurricaines, these warnings were coming on all the time. But I was mostly already watching weather coverage, so I already knew about them, and interuppting what I was watching was just frustrating.

Third, they don't narrow down the area enough. I've seen warnings from pretty much all over the state, for things that have no chance to affect me, and amber alerts from way down south where there will be absolutely no chance that I've seen that kid.

Finally, the biggest reason this pisses me off, is they could just as esily give out the exact same information as a message running across the bottom of my screen. Then I could still watch what I was watching, still be informed if I need to be, and not be pissed off if I don't need to be. Why do people have to make everything so much more difficult than it should be?

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Candling Part 2

I'm sure no one remembers my candling post, but after hearing about this ear candling stuff from my wife, then posting about it, and reading the Cecil Adams column about it that my brother posted in the comments, I was pretty sure it was a big hoax. So, last night we went to dinner at our friends, Mike and Brittany's, house and they had these candles, and my wife wanted to try it. So they did one candle in my wife's ears and afterwards, Brittany cut it open and showed us all the stuff inside. So I said that I wasn't saying for sure that it doesn't work, but the article I had read sounded pretty conclusive, and we could just burn the other one and see. So we burned the other one without putting it in anyone's ears. And when we cut it open, sure enough, it had all the exact same crap in it that the first one had. In the interest of fairness (and because Brittany will probably read this ), I should point out that Brittany claims there was a larger clump of something in the one from my wife's ear that wasn't present in the "control" candle. I didn't see it, it looked exactly the same to me, so I'm convinced. Brittany and Mike both said it feels good, though. So, I say, if it feels good, I guess it doesn't really matter too much if it actually works or not.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Apparently, the people at Haloscan want me to switch back to Blogger commenting. All the time now, I look at my blog and the comments are unavailable. Also, the counts are often wrong, and they're almost always wrong on archived posts. And I know you can make Blogger comments pop up in a separate window now and people can comment without blogger IDs, which were the two main reasons I switched to Haloscan in the first place. Is there anyone that would stop commenting if I switched*?

* I probably won't, since it requires a lot of work, and I'm really lazy about this kind of thing.

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Frist: Schiavo Autopsy Results End Case

Well, at least he can admit when he's wrong...sort of

I raised the question, 'Is she in a persistent vegetative state or not?' I never made the diagnosis, never said that she was not.

"I question it based on a review of the video footage. ... And that footage, to me, depicted something very different than persistent vegetative state,"

Ok, so you didn't say it exactly, nice work doctor.
I did say that certain tests should be performed to determine that before starving her to death.

So you figure that she was in that state for 15 years and no one bothered to do any tests on her? Did you think that all the doctors that examined her and testified in court about her just made there diagnoses via videotape? Just because that's how you do things doesn't mean that's how real doctors do it.

Still waiting for word from Dr. DeLay, Dr. Sean Hannity, etc.

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A phony artist and his dopey, insulting stunt

Yeah, I didn't think I'd be the only one to criticize that stupid falling down art guy.

To be frank, that people will naturally be aghast at his artwork isn't what I find really gross about Skarbakka. I can't do what I do and condemn a guy for offending the public, no matter how cavalierly. What really astounds me is the falseness of what he claims to be doing.
emphasis mine

Yeah, that was it for me too. The guy is full of shit. I watched some video last night of a news report on his "falling." He isn't even falling, bungee style, he's being lowered down slowly in a harness. It was ridiculous. I also found out he digitally edits the harness out of the pictures, which seems pretty bogus to me.

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Amendment to Patriot Act keeps book records private

Ok, now we're on the right track. However, perhaps we should stop amending the Patriot Act and just ditch the thing altogether, since all it seems to do is restrict people's freedom and privacy.

"We need to be careful that in our efforts to end terrorism, we don't end the very liberties our soldiers are fighting to protect," Salazar said in a news release. "Congress must do all it can to prevent another terrorist attack, but we can do that without undermining basic constitutional rights."

Exactly. Jesus Christ that is such a simple concept, I can't believe it took Congress this long to figure it out. Well, at least they did figure it out. I do wonder what the 187 morons who voted against this amendment were thinking. People made a big deal over the Senators who didn't co-sponsor the lynching apology resolution which basically did nothing. Let's see if anyone cares about the 187 represenatives that think it's ok for the government to police what you're reading.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

NBA: Jackson returning to rebuild Lakers

Yeah, uh...good luck with that. If he does somehow manage to do it and win his 10th title before he retires again, then it should get the monkey off his back that he only gravy trained his way to the other nine by taking jobs with teams that had great players that were going to win anyway.

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Terri Schiavo's Brain Was Irreversibly Atrophied

Whaaaaa? But Bill Frist said that it wasn't. I guess his diagnosis via old video methods aren't as foolproof as he led us to believe. Apparently, she was also completely blind, which makes that following the balloon nonesense kind of hard to believe.

The autopsy, which included more than 274 external and internal images of her body, also found no signs of trauma or neck injury. She didn't suffer any neglect or abuse, Thogmartin said.

So, I guess now we'll hear the apologies rolling in from all those people that accused this poor guy of beating and/or neglecting his wife, right? Right? Yeah, if I were to hold my breath waiting for those, I would probably end up in a persistent vegatative state.

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I can appreciate art, even art that I personally don't get. But I also recognize that a lot of supposed art is just bullshit that someone has managed to sell to some suckers, and if anyone questions it, it's very convenient to explain that they just don't understand it.

This guy's pictures seem to fall into the bullshit category for me. Aside from the insensitive nature of his claimed inspiration, I'm also skeptical of the term "performance photographer" sounds kind of like that IM expert from the other day. That is to say, made up. Anyway, not only is he not capturing anywhere near the experience of leaping 100 or so stories to your certain death because your other certain death staying put is unbearable by jumping four stories with a nice safe harness on, but also he says incredibly stupid things like this:

"Falling is such a metaphor for life in general. Mentally, physically and emotionally, from day to day, we fall. Even walking is falling: You take a step, fall and catch yourself,'' said Skarbakka
emphasis mine

Yeah, walking is falling, that makes a lot of sense. If he wants to be taken seriously, he should probably stop trying to explain his work at all, if that's the best he can come up with. It also seems a little suspect to me that September 11th was his inspiration. Otherwise, I don't think I would have ever heard of the silly artist who likes to take pictures of himself falling, but tie it to September 11th, and suddenly people will hear about it.

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N.J. court says no on gay marriage

Why the fuck is this something that we even have to argue about? Hopefully, New Jersey gets its shit together and lets these people marry, whether it's by a higher court ruling, or new legislation or whatever. I just can't understand why there is even a debate about this in 2005. It's pretty simple, if you're not gay, if you don't like gay people, if you think it's digusting or immoral or whatever, don't get gay married. That's it, that's all there is to it. I'm not gay, I don't want to marry another man, so I didn't. It really is that easy. Just marry someone of the opposite sex instead, or stay single, become a pathetic old hermit. No one is going to force you to marry someone of the same sex, and there is no reason for you to care whether or not other people do it. It's simply none of your fucking business.

Worried about your children? Don't want them to be gay, or tolerant of gays, or whatever? Fine. Teach your kids to be bigoted homophobic assholes, too. Legalizing gay marraige won't take away from your right to be a lousy parent. If you see married gay people on the street, you're still perfectly welcome to point at them and tell your kids how wrong it is, so that if your kids happen to be gay, they can hide it from you and quietly hate themselves because they think there's something wrong with them.

If you're not gay, how is it going to change your life in any way if gay people can get married? I know it won't change mine, except that I'll feel better that rights that I have are not denied to others based purely on bigotry and ignorance. Gay people are going to exist, you're going to see them, your children are going to see them, you can't stop that, not letting them get married is not going to change it. Now if you could make a law that they all have to go back in the closet (like they have in the military), you'd still be stupid and wrong, but at least I'd understand your motivation. Opposition to gay marraige just doesn't make any sense to me, because the people opposing it have absoultely no stake in the argument.

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The 4400

I saw some previews for this show on USA a couple of weeks ago, and it looked pretty interesting. Then I realized it was starting its second season, so I uh,located the first season and watched it over the weekend. It was pretty good. After watching the first season, I watched the new episodes that I had Tivo'd, so now I'm all caught up. A lot of the dialogue is really bad, and some of the acting is pretty bad too. But the idea behind the show is what I find pretty interesting.

It's about 4400 people who disappered at various times over the last 75 years or so. And one night they all come back at the same time, in the same place, without having aged at all. They also all seem to have special abilities that they didn't have before. So they have to get used to their new lives, even though to them, it doesn't seem like any time has passed, and they have to deal with the abilities they've been given. They are watched by the Department of Homeland Security, which is also trying to determine what exactly happened to them. Anyone else watching this?

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'Osama Bin Laden alive and well'

Well, of course he is, it's not like anyone is looking for him or anything. Seriously, how on Earth do the Bush supporters (who all can't seem to get an entire sentence out without mentioning 09/11) justify this? Yes Saddam was a bad guy, and we got him, but the bad guy we were supposed to be looking for (the one who actually did attack us) is free, and alive an well. Well, that's just fucking great. Does anyone really think that if we had stayed in Afghanistan with anywhere near the same resources we've wasted in Iraq, that we couldn't have found Osama and destroyed the Taliban? Instead we pushed them all into hiding, and all but left to go after Iraq. Now we're stuck in Iraq and the Taliban might well end up back in power in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is supposed to be Bush's big success. Great job!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Oh my God, there is no end to stupidity

So, the Earth is not moving, like I always thought. That explains why I don't get dizzy. I really like this part:

"An electromagnet and computerized sensor hidden in its display stand cause the Earth to levitate motionlessly in the air." Could God have engineered something like that for the real Earth? The Bible and all real evidence confirms that this is precisely what He did, and indeed: The Earth is not rotating...nor is it going around the sun.

That must be some of that "Intelligent" Design style "evidence." As much as I wanted to read more of this for a few laughs, I just wasn't up for it. It's hard to believe that people can be so incredibly stupid.

Link via The Chemist

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Senate Issues Apology Over Failure on Lynching Law

I've seen a lot written about this today. Particularly about why there weren't 100 co-sponsors of the resolution. And I really don't understand why there wouldn't be. However, I also have a hard time getting very upset about it. Does anyone truly believe that the 20 senators that didn't sign on are actually pro-lynching? I don't think so.

Also, why on Earth do they have this resolution in the first place? It seems like an enormous waste of time to me. I guess I'm not a big fan of meaningless apologies. Don't get me wrong, if this truly makes someone feel better, then I think that's great, but I just have a hard time understanding why it would. I can understand how an apology from the Senators who actually opposed the antilynching legistlation when it came up might mean something. But I don't see how an apology from a bunch of different people who just happen to share the same job really means anything. And if it does mean something, why wouldn't it mean just as much coming from 80 people as it does coming from 100? They are apologizing on behalf of the entire Senate, I would imagine.

Anyway, again, I don't see any reason why someone wouldn't sign on to this, but I don't see any reason to get upset that they didn't, either. I think there are more important things for the Senate to be concerned with.

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4-year-old dies after riding Disney attraction

This ride sucks. All it does is make you really dizzy and naseous. I can't imagine anything about it that could kill someone, especially a kid, as they always seem to do better on those sort of rides. But whether this was some sort of fluke or not, they need to get rid of this ride, I don't understand why anyone would want to go on it in the first place. I went just to see what it was like, and that was a big mistake, but I just felt woozy for a while. They should at least shut the thing down until they get the autopsy results from this kid back. Maybe they need to change the height requirements or make it an adult only ride or something, but I don't think they should just open it back up the next day.

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Lost laptop may delay teen's diploma

how do you lose a laptop, anyway? That's pretty irresponsible. I don't have any problem with what the school is doing, they don't really have a lot of leverage to get the girl to pay. It seems pretty unfair, but she could have thought about that when she wasn't paying attention to what she did with a computer that didn't even belong to her.

Actually, the part of this story that is surprising to me is why the fuck are they giving laptops to kids in the first place? I love computers, I think they're pretty helpful for lots of reasons, but you don't need one to go to school. I'm surprised it was only two that they didn't get back. Have a computer lab, and let students use it if they need a computer, but loaning out laptops is just asking for these kinds of problems. Not to mention all the porn and spyware they must have to clean off of these things.

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Microsoft censors Chinese blogs

Now I'm no Microsoft basher, or anything, but this story makes me a little mad. Not that I have any problem with Microsoft complying with all local laws (stupid or not) and putting up disclaimers to make their users aware that they shouldn't violate those laws. But where I think Microsoft loses it here is in actively participating in the censorship. According to the article, the Chinese Government has pretty tight restrictions on these things anyway. Let them regulate what people write in them, there's no reason for Microsoft to get invloved in that.

Despite the fact that it's just wrong, and it's bad PR, it's not going to do any good anyway. Blocking certain words is a really stupid way to censor anything. Here at work, they block certain words on instant messaging, but it doesn't stop me from using them, I just mispell them, abbreviate them, or use alternate characters or something. And blocking the word freedom isn't going to stop some Chinese blogger from using the word if they want to. Fear of the Chinese government may stop them, but blocking the word won't. Also, what if someone was saying that democracy sucks? That wouldn't be allowed? You can't judge whether or not something is appopriate based on the law without seeing the context. If the Chinese governement wants to act like such idiots, I'm not sure why they let people use the internets in the first place.

Anyway, I'm no big fan of Blogger either, but I would say this to the Chinese Bloggers, censorship or not, MSN Spaces really sucks.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

My problem with gay people

As any of my regular readers (all 25 or so of you) know, I love gay people (not like that, you perverts). Actually, I don't really know many gay people in real life, but there are seceral gay readers of this blog and I read several blogs regularly whose authors are gay. Anyway, I'm all for gay rights, I think anything I can do, gay people should be able to do as well. Whether it's get married, adopt kids, join the military (especially this one, 'cause I sure as hell don't want to do it), not be treated like shit by people that think they're better than you, etc.

So anyway with all that out of the way, I do have a problem with gay people. And my problem is this "partner" nonesense. Everytime I see anyone talking about their partner, I feel like I'm watching an episode of Chips. Personally, I'm all for gay people using boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or any of the same words us "normal" people do. But if you feel the need to use something else instead, please try to come up with something better than "partner" unless of course you're then going to get on your matching motorcycles and fight crimes that the Highway Patrol really has no business being involved in.

Ok, I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest. I hope I won't be branded a homophobe or anything, and I hope I haven't offended anyone. But if I have, please let me know, so I can feel appropriately guilty.

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One-handed keyboard a big leap

Insert your own joke here.

Link via Cookie Christine

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My sitemeter just hit 6969, and the teenage boy that I still am on the inside just had to point it out.

It should also be noted that I'm pretty sure that Me4President2008 was that 6969th visitor.

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Not Guilty

I don't know if he was guilty or not, but I do know that my son is never spending the night at Neverland. Hopefully, other parents will feel the same way, and we won't have to hear about this again in another ten years.

Anyway, I'm glad there's no other news today, because it might take some attention off this amazing story.

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This Space For Rent: We're short a few good men...

So I was browsing through the Next Blog button the other day and ran across this post, where the author asks a question which I thought had some pretty obvious answers. So I posted my comments on it, and I thought we were having a pretty insteresting discussion, even though he's pretty clearly wrong about the war in Iraq. However, in the last comment, he pretty much just dismisses me as some extremist liberal who is "misinformed" and who he doesn't want to argue with. This from a guy who seems to blame recruiting shortfalls primarily on the media, and who also seems to think that the people we are fighting in Iraq are the same people who attacked us on September 11th.

I should point out here that I probably say some pretty nasty things about conservatives on this page, but that doesn't mean that I don't recognize that there are more reasonable people that just happen to have a more conservative viewpoint than I do. My frustration with conservatives stems mostly from the peopel currently running our country who really don't bear much resmblence to what I always thought a conservative was in the first place.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is the way he just abruptly ended the discussion because he felt it wouldn't be productive since we disagree on so many fundamental facts. What is the point of a debate if we did agree on all these facts? I always feel like I learn more arguing with someone whose views are completely different from mine than by talking to people who will tell me how right I am (feel free to do that, though). I've also never understood this aversion people have to arguing sensitive subjects like politics or religion. If you don't have enough faith in your beliefs for them to stand up to a good argument, then why do you believe them in the first place? And if you can't talk to someone who disagrees with you without getting angry with them, then isn't there something wrong with you?

We had some friends over a couple of weeks ago and we talked about religion and politics, and I don't agree with much of what any of them had to say, but we were all adult enough to disagree and not act like babies, which makes for much more interesting conversation then sitting around talking about Michael Jackson, or the Runaway Bride.

I'm a pretty quiet person by nature, but I don't have any problem telling people why I think what I think, and I don't understand why anyone else does. I suspect in most cases, it's because they aren't very secure in the subject in the first place. Anyway, anyone with any views is welcome to express them here, even if they disagree with me (which of course, makes them wrong).

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Wired News: Never IM in This Town Again!

I don't really have anything to say about this article, except to call bullshit on this guy:

David Ferris, an instant message expert ...
emphasis mine

Come on, an IM expert. That's ridiculous. Do those credentials hold up in court?

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The Comeback

I'm always interested when a new show comes on HBO, because they're usually so good. But after watching this show for the last two weeks, I have to say that it really sucks. Come on HBO, you can do better than this. Reality TV jokes are really pretty tired.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Iraq resistance strong, popular anger growing

Ok, this story is fucked up for lotsof reasons. I hope that it's not true, because if it is the outlook is pretty bleak in Iraq. But this part particularly bothered me"

The Guardian of Britain reported June 5: “The U.S. military has stopped battalion commanders from dismissing new recruits for drug abuse, alcohol, poor fitness and pregnancy in an attempt to halt the rising attrition rate in an army under growing strain as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
emphasis mine
I just have a really hard itme believeing that they stopped dismissing pregnant recruits. The other stuff is all bad enough, but I don't doubt that they would take people with those problems. But I think it's got to be pretty hard to keep someone who is pregnant, no matter what the attrition rate.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005


After that book meme (that no one tagged me with, despite the fact that I get tagged with all those other stupid memes) and my post on Orson Scott Card, which generated some good comments, I started thinking. I love to read, I read all the time, but I'm not sure you'd realize that reading my blog. So I've decided to start talking a little bit about what I'm reading occasionally, to (hopefully) generate some good discussion about books. I also review everyting I read on Amazon, so you can check out my reviews if you want (I'm not saying they're any good).

So, right now I'm right in the middle of Hidden Empire, the first book of The Saga of Seven Suns by Kevin J. Anderson. It's pretty interesting so far, lots of good characters, but it's been a little slow up until just where I got to today, where there's some good action. Now that the action has started to pick up a little, I hope to finish it pretty quickly and move on to the next book if the rest of this one doesn't suck. Anyone else read it? Anyone reading anything good that you'd like to share? I'm always looking for good books, so let me know.

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More evidence that royalty is fucked up

The queen turned 79 on April 21, but public celebrations of the British monarch's birthday are always held on a Saturday in June, when the chances of fine weather are good.

What the fuck? What if her birthday was in December or something? I can understand waiting 'til the nearest weekend to celebrate, but waiting over a month? What's the point? She probably already had a nice cake and opened gifts with the family. If people aren't interested enough in her birthday to get a little rained on, then maybe her birthday isn't that fucking interesting. Why don't they just stop with this royalty nonesense, anyway? It's 2005 for God's sake. If I want to see a Queen, I'll watch something with Queen Latifah.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hearing on Patriot Act Ends in an Angry Uproar - New York Times

What a bunch of fucking babies. If you don't like whats being said, then present your side. That's what a hearing is about, I thought. The problem is, there is no side where anything in the Patriot Act makes any sense. It may very well help catch a few potential terrorists, but that seriously should not be our first priority in this country. If it is, there are all kinds of freedoms that we could get rid of that would help fight terrorism. It'sone thing that this stupid shit got passed in the first place under a cloak of Patriotism without anyone actually reading it. But if it gets renewed, now that everyone has had time to see just how much it curtails the very ideals that this country is built on, then we will have hit a new low for Democracy in America. No matter what happens, it would be nice if the Republicans could participate in the process without acting like spoiled children. Controlling the entire fucking government isn't good enough for them, I guess. They not only want to fuck the Democrats up the ass, they want them to say they like it.

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Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low - Yahoo! News

I guess you can't fool people indefinitely. As disgusted as I am that people didn't come to their senses before electing this moron again (what about him do they know now that they didn't know then?), I guess it's nice that they are coming to their senses at all.

Now if the media can just get his cock out of their collective mouth long enough to notice that he isn't popular anymore, then maybe we'll see some real reporting again. Ok, probably not, but I can hope. I think the perception that he is popular comes more from his rabid blind followers who will loudy support anything he says no matter how ridiculous, than from any actual popularity. The same sort of people who call up Sean Hannity to tell him he is a great American. The fact is everythig this guy touches turns to shit, and you can offer excuses, blame it on September 11th, blame it on Clinton, blame it on whoever all you want, eventually the moron has to take some responsibility for the pitiful job he is doing running this country. All I can say to anyone who voted for this incompetent moron is, I hope you feel safe from the bogeyman.

Also, everytime there is anything negative about Bush coming from the left, Republicans dismiss it as typical left-wing Bush hatred. Well, here's a question for those people, why on earth shouldn't I hate this guy? Despite what the blind patriotic types think, I really like this country, and I don't appreciate it being fucked up by some idiot. I wonder why they don't seem to mind.

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Batman Begins

It's been less than ten years since the last Batman movie, do we really need another one already? At least it will be about 20 years between Superman movies when the new one comes out. Either way, it would be nice if there were some original ideas in Hollywood.

Hopefully, this Batman movie will be better than the last series of incredibly overhyped, worthless pieces of garbage.

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U.S. goal: Transfer prisoners

What the fuck? Why would we want these people in their home countries? What if their home countries are part of the Axis of Evil? Or if they're from Saudi Arabia or somewhere that is our "ally" yet seems to have a lot of citizens that don't like us. What if thier home countries have some aversion to holding people prisoner without charging them with anything? You know, like the US used to.

Why wouldn't we want them in Guantanamo Bay, anyway, since there's nothing wrong going on there? Couldn't we just get rid of the few bad apples?

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IE 6 Tapped For Tabs

I'm all for them adding tabs to IE, since I use IE and that is the one useful thing that Firefox actually has that's not just all hype, but I'm not adding some stupid MSN Toolbar to get them. I use the Google Toolbar (which everyone should use), and I don't want to add another one. Then there's this:

MSN Search Toolbar is part of a three-toolbar suite that also includes a search tool for Microsoft's Outlook e-mail client and another for searching local files from the desktop.
emphasis mine

I don't want to add any more toolbars, I certainly don't want to add three. I might download this just to see what it actually looks like. If so, I'll let you know if it's any good. If I don't mention it again, just assume it sucks and I didn't want to waste anymore time on it.

UPDATE: It doesn't seem so bad. It only adds one toolbar, I'm not sure what the three toolbar suite stuff was about. It has several things that I can't get rid of that I already use the Google toolbar for, so I don't like that duplication, but at the resolution I'm using (2048x1536), I have plenty of space, so I'll keep it on here for a while and see if I like the tabs enough to keep it.

UPDATE II: Even though it is using tabs in the same IE window, each tab gets its own button on the Windows taskbar, but clicking on those buttons just brings you back to IE, not to the specific tab you clicked on, so that really blows.

UPDATE III: Actually, most of the taskbar buttons simply do nothing, only the one for the active tab will actually bring you back to IE, or minimize or restore it. So that really, really blows.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

NBA Finals - bleh!

37-35 at half time. That's about what I would have expected. Not that I don't appreciate good defense, but some offense would be nice, too.

I probably wouldn't even bother watching, but there's nothing else on.

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ABC News: FBI holds US-Pakistani father, son on terror rap

Am I the only one who thinks it's a big ass fucking coincidence* that we suddenly have this big terror arrest at exactly the same time that Bush is trying to get the Patriot Act renewed?

* ELAINE: No, no.. but it is quite a coincidence.

RAVA: Yes, that's all, a coincidence!

ELAINE: A big coincidence.

RAVA: Not a big coincidence. A coincidence!

ELAINE: No, that's a big coincidence.

RAVA: That's what a coincidence is! There are no small coincidences and big coincidences!

ELAINE: No, there are degrees of coincidences.

RAVA: No, there are only coincidences! ..Ask anyone! (Enraged, she asks everone in the elevator) Are there big coincidences and small coincidences, or just coincidences? (Silent) ..Well?! Well?!..

(Everyone just kinda shrugs, then murmurs. The doors open)

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Life iz Crazee

Blogs are an interesting little window into people's lives. One time when I somehow got into the "Next Blog" rotation, I found this blog as one of my referrers. It was funny and sad, all at the same time.

By the way, kids*, if it's privacy you're looking for, the internets are not the way to go.

* and Jeff Gannon

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CVS to Sell Disposable Video Cameras - Yahoo! News

43 bucks to get a 20 minute video? Uh, no thanks. Who thinks this is a good idea? Is anyone actually going to buy one of these? I don't like disposable cameras, either, but I can see the use. Maybe if this thing cost more like $10 total, with processing (what processing is there really anyway, copying from the camera to a DVD? that's a real involved process), then it would be worthwhile, but the price is way, way too high.

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Soldiers' divorce rates up sharply - Yahoo! News

Who cares about divorce when it comes to spreading freedom? Actually, the only reason to actively care about some one else's marraige is if a gay person tries to do it. Divorces are fine. As long as people don;'t get divorced to marry a gay lover. But then, those people would have been kicked out of the military anyway, so they wouldn't show up in these numbers.

Funny that the family first crowd is so supportive of something that is so clearlydetrimental to families, and not just when a family member comes home in a box. Oh well, at least the embryos are safe.

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As our stupid ass government looks to actually expand the Patriot Act, it's nice to see that not everyone in a position of power is an idiot. Why do more people not care about their rights being taken away? Where are all those supposed "small governement" Republican types? You guys elected these idiots that think small government means passing emergency laws that apply to a single person. Anytime I argue about The Patriot Act with a Republican, the response is, why do you care, have you done something wrong? How can people have so little common sense? Maybe I should move to Colorado.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


People are actually debating what killed Jesus? You've got to be kidding me. Aside from the fact that it's all speculation anyway, what difference does it make? One way or another, it was the crucifiction that did it, does it matter if it was ultimately a blood clot or loss of blood? And didn't he get resurrected anyway, making whatever it was pretty fucking moot? And since he's the son of God and everything, isn't it possible that we don't really know how much blood loss it would take to kill him, or whether or not he might be susceptible to blood clots?

Oh well, either way, he lives on in our potato chips.

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Orson Scott Card is a dick

This is pretty depressing to me. Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors. My brother sent me (thanks a lot) some quotes from his wikipedia entry that bothered me, as well as some stuff from his political site that was just stupid and homophobic.

Part of the wikipedia Overview bothered me right off the bat:

Card is also active as a critic, political writer and speaker. Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks Card began to write a weekly "War Watch" (later renamed "World Watch") column for the Greensboro Rhino Times as well as "Uncle Orson Reviews everything" which are both archived on Card's website. Although a self-described Democrat, Card is a vocal supporter of George W. Bush, the war on terror, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and U.S. support of Israel, while being publically opposed to Gay marriage and the Kyoto Treaty.

Supporting Bush is bad enough for people who pretend they're real Republicans, but for someone to say they're a Democrat, but support George W. Bush, just shows me that they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. This is pretty interesting, because through his books, I would have imagined a completely different person. His books really seem like something that would be written by someone who is intelligent and open-minded, but from what I've just read about him, I don't think either is actually the case.

This from his political site (hold your nose while reading this load of crap):
The dark secret of homosexual society -- the one that dares not speak its name -- is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.

What the fuck? People really think this way (intelligent people, I mean)?

Ok, so now I'm pretty upset, because, like I said, this guy is one of my favorite authors. I recommend his books all the time, Ender's Game is one of my favorite books ever. I'm not normally one to get too concerned about finding out the politics behind things I use, but when it turns out that someone is as much a fucknut as this guy, I honestly don't know if I could enjoy reading anything by him again. Anyone else read any of his books? Have any thoughts on this?

Oh, and if anyone finds out that Peter Hamilton is some sort of gay basher or religous extremists or just otherwise a lunatic, I'd just rather not hear about it, thanks.

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An image of Jesus: All that in a bag of chips

Oh fuck. Ok, I could see that if you looked at this stupid thing just right, there is something that vaguely resembles a bearded guy with long hair, but how exactly do we get from that to Jesus? Why couldn't it be some homeless guy down the street? Why do people automatically assume that if they can make out an image of a person in anything that it has to be some sort of religous figure? Maybe the power to put your image on someone's food is pretty common in the afterlife. I guess I should just be happy that this one doesn't look like someone's private parts like that stain that was supposed to be Mary, but actually looked like a pussy. Although, if you turned this thing counterclockwise about 90 degrees, I could make an argument that it looks as much like a penis as it does like Jesus. Anyway, would someone just eat the fucking thing already.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die

Dear media fucknuts -

I'm seeing more and more stories about The Downing Street Memo, which is great. However, all of these stories just seem to be stories about how it's not getting any attention in the media. How about instead of writing these stories about how little attention it's getting, you just fucking give it a little attention, instead? Is it really that much easier to write a story about the lack of coverage than it is to actually cover it? This shouldn't be so difficult. How accurate is it? What are the implications of it? What do the parties involved have to say about it? Isn't this the kind of thing it's your job to find out? There didn't seem to be any shortage of coverage when Newsweek (slightly) misrepresented the facts. It should be a pretty fucking big story when the President misrepresents the facts and we go to war because of it.

I have been of the opinion that you in the media are pretty fucking lazy these days, but the lack of interest in this story makes me rethink that, perhaps you're just in the pocket of the administration. That's pretty fucking sad.

Oh yeah, The President is having dinner with a porn star. You may want to mention that, too. Not that I care, but if it was Clinton, it would be on the front page. By the way, congratulations on fucking that "liberal" media bias myth all up.

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With the recent Supreme Court decision on medical marijuana, I thought I should post something about it. Now, I don't smoke pot, and the only time I tried it, it didn't do anything for me, so I'm not just trying to rationalize some vice I have. But marijuana being illegal is just flat out stupid. I don't undertand why it should have ever been illegal in the first place. If you just don't want people doing things that are bad for them, then there are a lot more things that need to be prohibited before marijuana. If my neighbor gets high every night, I really don't give a shit, just like I hope he doesn't give a shit if I want to drink a beer when I get home. Not to mention the fact that it being against the law isn't really going to stop my neighbor from doing it, anyway.

However, aside from that, you would think that everyone could agree that if people are using it for medical reasons, then we could certainly tolerate that. But, I guess not. It's bad enough that the Supreme Court pretty clearly has no basis to regulate this in the first place, but even if they did, it's a bad idea. If they think people are abusing it, and it's being used by people for whom it is not medically necessary, then there are other ways to address that problem. But I see no reason to take away something which pretty clearly just makes sick people feel better. You would think someone could come up with a pill that works just as well, and they could use that instead, but why should they have to? What difference does it make how people get the drug? I'm not here to decide for people how they should treat their illness, and the governement shouldn't be in that postion either. By the way, this is another issue where the "small government" republican supporters often seem to be on the side that is all up in people's business.

It's bad enough that we can't even agree that adults should be allowed to decide what to put into their own bodies, even worse that they can't even do it with the help of a doctor. Just leave people alone, the government shouldn't be making personal decisions for people. Assholes.

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Voice actors to vote on strike - Yahoo! News

I don't play a lot of video games anymore, I just don't have the time. And while I think it might be neat to have well known people do the voices for these games, I can't see how it's much of a selling point. If anyone should be sharing in the profits of these games, it should be the programmers who do the real work behind a video game. And the last part of the article sums it up pretty well:

If a strike occurs, game players probably won't notice much of a difference, GamePro editor Sid Shuman says. "I think if you asked gamers what is more important, recognizable voices or prices not climbing higher, they are going to opt for lower prices."

I think so, too.

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Court says gay man can drive - Yahoo! News

I was relieved when I read this story, not because they let the gay man drive, because obviously that should be allowed without question. I was relieved to find out this wasn't something that happened in the US. Not that it should happen anywhere, but I'm getting sick of my country being the one that looks like some sort of backwards place run by idiots.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Bush Calls for Democracy in Western World

Yeah, it would suck if anyone in the Western Hemisphere were to backslide into authoritarian rule. Luckily, I can't think of any countries where that is happening off the top of my head.

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Staying out late: More Pistons spotted partying on South Beach

So what? Are you kidding me, 20 hours before tipoff? So they can only get in a couple of good night's sleep before game time, then? Why the fuck is this a story? The game is at 8pm, it's not like they had to get up at 8 this morning or something. They can sleep all day if they need to. They're professional athletes, I think they know what they can handle, and if not, Larry Brown likely has rules for them to follow.

Posted by 0 comments Bolton Said to Orchestrate Unlawful Firing

Not that anyone with a brain really needs any more evidence that, a) John Bolton is an out of control fucknut or, b) President Bush was determined to go to war in Iraq no matter what, but here it is, anyway.

Look, I know people like to think that the US can do no wrong, and that being the greatest country in the world means that we just don't make any mistakes. But the fact is, we do make mistakes, and whether you believe we have made them in Iraq or not, it's pretty clear that we were at best misled, and at worse lied to in order to go to war with a country that had done absolutely nothing to us, and was not in any way a threat to us, and at a time when we had just been attacked by a completely separate group of people. So, even if you think George Bush is some sort of great American, you should at least be insulted that he doesn't consider you (or your elected represenatives) worthy of having all the facts before leading us into a war, or deserving of any explanation when things are clearly not what was represented to us.

At the very least, George Bush should be made to say for the record, whether the substance of the Downing Street Memo is accurate or not.

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Not that kind, you perverts, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about the H2. Now, I would never drive something like that, even if I could afford it, but I guess I can see why some people might. They are impressive, I would imagine they're comfortable, so if you can afford it and don't feel guilty about wasting the planet's resources, it might be something you would want. I can see that. What I can't understand is why the fuck so many of these things are yellow. Who the hell wants a yellow car in the first place? And these big things look even worse in yellow. I know they make other colors, I've seen them, so why get a yellow one? Ugly.

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That was the license plate on the car in front of me on my way to work this morning. Now, I've already shared my thoughts on vanity plates in general, but something like this is just in a whole other category. I guess they probably wouldn't let him get one that said IMADICK, since that would be obscene, so he just went for something that would convey the same meaning. Seriously, how do you decide that it's a good idea to put that on your car? Is whatever tiny bit of pleasure that you get from knowing that you have that on your license plate really worth everyone's first impression of you being that you're a monumental asshole?

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gay Days 2005

Well, after finding out that the time I was going to spend at Universal Studios over the weekend coincided with gay days, I had looked forward to posting a hilarious accounting of my observations as I tried to shield my son's eyes from all the buttfucking outside of Shrek 4-D and dodged cum shots while wating in line at Men In Black. But, the truth is, if no one had told me in advance, I wouldn't have even realized that it was gay days. I only saw a total of four people that I was pretty sure were gay, and two of those only because they briefly put their arms around each other when I happened to see them. And I woulnd't have noticed even those four people if I hadn't been on the lookout for debauchery. I didn't even see any hot lesbian sex at Jurassic Park. As it turns out, gay people are just like everyone else.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blogging Via Email - Crazy People at Barney Edition

Ok if you cant manage to restrain yourself from fighting at a Barney show, then there is something wrong with you.

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Vacation Part 2

I'm waiting to head to Universal this morning, so I'm trying to suck every last bit of internet access out of my $9.95. I'm not wearing my red shirt today, but it's the only shirt I have left to wear tomorrow, so that should be fun. Strangely, my wife seems unconcerned about all the gay sex that our son and her other son who is with us are going to see today. Hopefully, they won't turn gay right there at the park, and I can get them deprogrammed when we get home.

The hotel we're staying at now is great, but I have some advice for the hotel we stayed at on Thursday. If you have to put a sign on the dishes that says, "The dishes were washed with dish detergent, but have not been sanitized to restaurant standards," then just don't bother, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm drinking out of it then. Just use paper cups. Also, just because you cram the beds into one half the room, stick a love seat in the other half and put up a half a wall in between, doesn't really make it a suite.

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Friday, June 03, 2005


Ok, so I posted about this yesterday, but somehow I ended up deleting it. Anyway, I'm at Universal Studios having a great time. It's pouring rain here, so we're just hanging out in the hotel now. We did ride just about everything at Islands of Adventure this morning. Anyway, we have internet access today, but I doubt I'm going to pay another 10 bucks for it tomorrow, so there will probably be no posts over the weekend. If you get bored, there is a list of Other Blogs on my sidebar, some of them are even almost as good as this one. Anyway, don't read those, just below them are some ads, click on those in your spare time. If you click on all of them, then maybe go read some of those other blogs. I'm trying to add to my $2 that I've earned so far.

On the way in last night, we learned on the radio that this weekend is gay day at Disney and Universal. The conservative idiot on the radio was very offended by this. Apparently gay people cannot control their lust for each other long enough to ride Space Mountain without blowing each other or something. Also, he didn't have a problem with anyone being gay, he was just concerned about the children. Yeah, whatever. Asshole. The guy at Universal said not to wear a red shirt tomorrow, because apparently all the gay people wear red shirts, so I was thinking of wearing one anyway, just to show I'm not a closed minded homophobe. Either that or wearing a sign that says, "I'm not gay...not that there's anything wrong with that." Anyway, on Monday I will post about all the assfucking I see over the weekend and how it has corrupted my poor son for life. Or something.

Oh, one more thing, I had my highest traffic day ever yesterday, but had very few comments. So you guys start commenting before I decide to shut this thing down. Ok, maybe not.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fucking internets and their fucking memes

Thanks to Chase at Cutting to the Chase, I've got another fucking meme to do. This one looks familiar, I may have done part of this before, I can't remember. Anyone, in the spirit of following along (much like Bush supporters do), I will do this fucking thing. However, I don't listen to much music, so my answers will probably suck.

Total volume of music files on my computer -- I don't know, there's a lot. All legally obtained for any of you RIAA types reading.

The last CD I bought -- Fuck, I don't know, probably the Wiggles or something.

Song I'm listening to right now -- I'm not, I don't listen to much music these days, I'm listening to sportsradio.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me -- Listen to a lot, let's see, Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy. The Mail song from Blue's Clues. My son's renditions of the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (he's very good), and whatever fucking song his little blocks wagon plays anytime you even breathe near it.

Ok, now for passing this on. Chase passed to five people, but fuck that. I'll go with just one. Maurinsky at Laughing Wild, since she tagged me with the last meme I had to do. Also, after answering these questions, I'm pretty sure at least three of them were in another meme I did, but don't bug me about it if the answers are different.

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CBC News: Coming soon: .xxx addresses for porn sites

This sounds like a really great idea for the reasons mentioned in the article. But how much is this really going to change anything? It might allow people to more easily find porn, but when has that ever been a problem? As for helping people block porn, that might be a nice effect, except that there is no requirement to use the new domain, it's just something that is available. And with such a hefty price tag, I don't see much incentive for any but the largest porn sites to use it. There will still be plenty of porn not included in the .xxx domain, which pretty much makes any help this gives people blocking the ones that are in the .xxx domain pretty moot. Also, it seems like most porn sites try to trick you into getting there in the first place, so putting them on a domain that lets you know it's porn wouldn't fit in with that strategy. So, this sounds like a great idea, but I think the results of it will be completely unnoticeable.

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Runaway bride to pay Georgia city $13,000

Wow, the City of Duluth is lucky the woman lied about being abducted. If she had just told the truth once she called, they would be out of luck with these costs. I guess all that fuss about prosecuting her was just to extort money from her. The worst part about it is, if they hadn't overreacted in the first place, she probably wouldn't have ever lied about it.

On a related note, it's nice to see that this story is still getting more coverage than a story about how our President lied to get us into a war. Nice job, media. With Deep Throat in the news so much, you would think that some reporter somewhere would be itching to be the next Woodward and Bernstein, but apparently they're all more concerned about making their jobs easy, then about actually finding out any real news.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hottest blog on the internets

That would be this one.* Just two weeks ago, I posted about getting my 5000th visitor. Now, assuming three of you stop by between now and midnight, I'll be logging my 6000th. Now, I know for some of you that's a days worth of traffic, or even not worth noticing, but shut up, we're talking about me here. If you're the 6000 visitor, let me know, there may be a prize involved.**

* According to my own research.
** There is no prize.

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DefenseLINK News: Rumsfeld Defends Servicemembers Accused of Running Gulag

Nice misdirection Rumsfeld, but let's be clear. People aren't so much accusing the military of running a gulag, as they are accusing you (and Bush, et. al.) of running a gulag.

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Bloggers Service Announcement

If your sidebar shows up way down the page instead of beside your posts, you probably have a link or picture that is wider than your sidebar or posting area allows. For links, you can use tinyurl or something to make them smaller and for pictures, you should edit the HTML to force them to be the size you want. Don't thank me, I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it because I'm tired of having to scroll way down the page to see your sidebar (where of course, you should have a link to Upon Further Review..., the hottest blog on the internets*)

* Based on my research, which consisted of deciding that I really like my blog and therefore everyone else must like it too. It's sort of similar logic as is used in "Intelligent" Design theory.

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Boing Boing: Bush disassembles English language, again

My brother noticed this yesterday, so I thought I would post it. We also thought it was funny that he used the wrong word, and then was nice enough to define it for everyone. We figured he probably had to have it explained ot him that way, so he thought he was doing everyone a favor by explaining it to them, unfortunately, he forgot the important part, the word itself.

I always thought that someone in an important position like The President should be smarter than I am, but I know most voters would rather have someone who doesn't make them feel stupid. Well, congratulations, this guy sure isn't going to talk over anyone's head.

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Wounded Gay Soldier Discharged From Army - Yahoo! News

Oh, good. We wouldn't want him getting gay all over all those regular soldiers. Who knows how many lives he's already ruined by being gay and not keeping it a big fucking secret. Didn't he know that when he got wounded, gay cooties could have been released into the air only to infect the soldiers around him? Lucky he got wounded, or we may never have found out, and who knows how far he might have spread his gayness.

Seriously, though, nice to see the military not let sagging recruiting numbers get in the way of their homophobia.

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49ers' personal foul / Team's in-house training video includes lesbian porn, racial slurs, barbs at Newsom

Wow, no wonder the 49ers suck. They spent too much time on this offensive piece of garbage and not enough time on trying to get better on the field. Can you really make a video with gems like this in it, and expect to keep your job?

"Tim Latte (Rattay, a Niners quarterback). He feel good now. He feeling good. No plactice with the team, so most of the time he play with himself."

Another show stopper: "49ers love being in community. Very patriotic . . . support president and his George Bush erection."

"Erection?" Reynolds asks.

"Yes," the Chinese man responds. "It say, 'You like Bush -- then you like his erection.'

"My name is Suck Hung,'' the Chinese man says as he's leaving. "My brother's name is Suck Young -- my whole family suck."

And the funniest thing I saw in it was this advice it offered to players:
"You do something controversial, you say something controversial, it will have an impact on this team. So remember, be mindful of your actions."

Say for example like creating an orientation video with racial slurs, parodies of gay weddings and other controversial topics? How do you produce something like this and put that line in it without giving it a second thought?

This is hilarious. I've always hated the 49ers, but it's been hard lately since they suck so bad. Nice to have other reasons to hate them besides The Catch. I had no objection the lesbian porn, though.

UPDATE: Ok, I saw the video. This thing is completely inappropriate, but the offensive parts are far from the worst thing about this piece of garbage, it was just poorly done and unprofessional on any level.

First of all, the guy is acting like he's the mayor giving a tour of the city, which is fine, but along the way he is pointing out to the players things that the team can do for them. Why would the mayor be doing that?

Second, probably the worst thing about this is that there didn't appear to be a script, maybe a rough outline at best. The guy kept saying the same things over and over again. It was really hard to watch.

Finally, the most offensive segment didn't make any sense, aside from the offensive parts. The segment was supposed to be about how the team could help you deal with the media, but the guy would say (again, over and over) that they "read everything" then follow it up each time with, "so let us know if you see anything inaccurate." Well, if you read everything, why the fuck do you need them to let you know when they see something inaccurate? Wouldn't you have already read it?

Apparently, any money spent on the production of this thing was wasted on strippers. Anyway, no comments on this? Slack?

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Laguna Beach landslide sends homes crashing down hill

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why do you build houses on the side of hills like this? Lucky this happned in the middle of the day instead of the middle of the night. I didn't read the whole article, because I was afraid I would see quotes from homeowners determined to rebuild in the same place, like a while back when that mudslide fucked up all those houses. Some places just aren't stable, try not to build houses on those places. You would think this would only need to happen once before people would learn, but of course, people are stupid.

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St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/01/2005 | Family bites: PG means pretty gory

If they're going to have ratings at all, it would be nice if they were consistent. However, it would be even nicer if parents would actually use some judgement and common sense. It's really not difficult these days to find out exactly what a movie is about, and whether or not it's appropriate for yout kids. If it's not worth it to you to do that, then why would you care enough to complain about the ratings system? I mean, if all you do is check the rating and if it's PG, you let your kid go, then obviously the movie makers now have an incentive to try to force moves into a specific rating to make sure parents like you will let their kids go see it. Or of course, you could just make them stay home and see the same stuff on TV, anyway.

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