Tuesday, July 26, 2005

AG: High Court Not Bound by Roe V. Wade

No shit, Captain Obvious. If people thought that they were bound by it, they wouldn't spend all this time debating justices' positions on abortion. Dumb shit.

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Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

I am so confused, John Kerry told America in the 3rd Presidential debate that it is a constitutional right to an abortion (P.S. I could not find it in the Constitution either).

JRH seriously you and the speaker in this article is right. The whole purpose of having a Congress is to write laws not for Judges to decide in each generation what is appropriate based on their own whims and dictates.

The question of abortion priviledges should be resolved on the floor of Congress after careful debate and consideration of the issues. Only then will this truly be settled law. Of course, I say this knowing that the I was operating under the misguided notion that the concept of private property rights was settled law.