Sunday, July 10, 2005

Investigation, denials and outcry over video game's sex scenes

Yes, it's terrible that this game named after a crimeshould have sex in it. I'm just shocked. Now I have to stop lettineg my kids play it. Because when it was just about criminal violence, I could live with it, but if there's porn in it, then that's just too much.

A "nationwide parental alert" was issued Friday by the National Institute on the Media and the Family, a Minneapolis-based group that monitors the entertainment industry.

Oh, great idea, because there are sure to be lots of parents who listen to nationwide parental alerts from the National Institute on the Media and the Family who bought this violent crime packed video game for their kids.

And who cares whether this was put in by the producers of the game, or by a third party? Either way, if you don't like it, don't play it. People get outraged over the stupidest things. Why not send an alert out to parents who bought Hustler magazine for their kids that there might be some inappropriate content in their as well?

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Chris Howard said...

It's a typical response from that crowd. It seems to me there are two issues here. First, the fact that Americans are much more likely to allow their children to view violence than sex. I know I'm not breaking any new ground here, but this story illustrates that point very nicely. And I'm not immune either. I let my kids watch action movies like Under Seige that have lots of violence, but I won't let them see anything with sexual content. So now, I'm trying to realize this and make more appropriate decisions.

The second point is that these groups want to eliminate all choices from the market that they don't personally approve of. I don't have a problem with categorizing content so people can make informed decisions, but that's not their position. They just want to remove it altogether.

Eryn said...

That has got to be the most retarded thing I have ever heard. lmao. I mean, the game is about stealing shit and killing people. I have NEVER understoood why violence and gore and shit is okay for our children but god forbid they see a naked breast. I would much rather my kids see that then see someone shooting someone in the face and stealing their car.