Wednesday, July 27, 2005 Metro: Bogus military suppliers sentenced 07/26/05

Horace Christopher Daughtrey, 28, and George Searcy, 36, of St. Johns County had pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the Department of Defense after discovering it doesn't check backgrounds and accepts bids online for supply contracts worth less than $100,000, prosecutors said.

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What the fuck? Wouldn't supplying troops with the necessary equipment during a war seem like a pretty important thing? I would think that you wouldn't just trust something that important to some guy from the internets. Or at least once they had problems, they might try to check these things a little more carefully, but no:

When military officials discovered a problem with one of their shipments, Daughtrey and Searcy simply changed company names and kept bidding

I'm also especially proud that these assholes live in my area. I'm sure they think doing this stuff is ok, as long as they also make sure to have a Support the Troops ribbon magnet on the Hummers they bought with their profits.

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Recidivist said...

There is a twisted logic in there.

If you don't care who you kill or who you employ to kill them, then why worry about who supplies the killers?

John Howard said...

Yeah, good point.

Fixer said...

Incompetence . . . just incompetence.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Hey John, have you read Big Trouble by Dave Barry? He makes fun of how corrupt just about everything, business-wise, in South Florida is. Plus it's pretty funny.

John Howard said...

Nah, I haven't read any Dave Barry.

Recidivist said...

South Florida is very funny ;)

John Howard said...

I'm in North Florida, it's mostly just boring here.

Recidivist said...

And full of British tourists.

I saw this really scary statistic recently that suggested that something crazy like 12% of the population of Briatin visit Florida ever year ... that means that every five years Orlando alone has about as many British visitors as there are Americans who have ever left the country .... which I don't actually have a problem with as such, except that it is ORLANDO!!

michelline said...

Hey! Florida's First Coast made the news again. Go us!

Anyway, gotta love this part: "Both men apologized for their involvement."

Doesn't that make everything ok?