Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket

Well, so now even the best two of the crappy excuses that they used for killing this poor guy might not even be true. How long until we find out he didn't actually come out of a house that was under surveillance, but intead sort of passed near it, and he didn't actually run, so much as walk briskly?

Even if the "official" story was 100% accurate, the police still fucked up badly. But now it seems even the lame justifications they used are not accurate. I hope they get to the bottom of this and hold whoever is responsible accountable. I also hope people will stop blaming the victim, since he seems to not only be completely innocent, but getting less and less suspicous with every account of the story that we hear.

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Me4Prez said...

The truth will only come out after someone utters, "you see, what had happened was." That is how you knew you actually got the real story from someone in my Army unit. They would lie and dance and then all of the sudden they would say that

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

I am reluctant to second guess the officer on Monday morning.

me4president you may be right in the end that a fellow officer may have more to say about the event but this article stems from an assertion by a cousin of the man who was slain. Prossibly not the most unbiased source.

John Howard said...

How the hell can you be reluctant to second guess the officer when the one thing that is not in disput is tha he shot an innocent unarmed man? What about that speaks well for his credibility?

As for this information coming froma cousin, they said they were told that he didn't jump the gate, if it isn't true, it's easy for the authorities to deny. Also, they said he was wearing a jean jacket, which seemslike pretty easily verifiable informationthat I also haven't heard denied. They never said he was wearing a parka, just a bulky jacket, not described specifically, and this seems to me like a pretty reason explanation as to why it wasn't described specifically.

Give it up, the cops were wrong here.