Friday, July 15, 2005

Missing JFK Artifacts Arrive at Library

When I read the headline, I thought it was going to be the golf clubs that Elaine bought for Peterman that got stolen along with Jerry's car by the mechanic who thought he didn't take care of it well enough, only to be thrown out at Kramer along the highway while he tried to make it to Michigan to collect deposits on the bottles he and Newman had collected. But no, it was just some boring stuff.

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Shakespeare's Sister said...


You are as big a Seinfeld freak as I am. Did I ever tell you I have an autographed script? It's the episode where they're mistaken for white supremacists - the one you mentioned recently b/c it has the dude from Six Feet Under in it.

John Howard said...

That's neat. Murphy and O'Brien.

I have the script that came with my DVDs, but I didn't notice which one it was.

MDC said...

Don't forget that Peterman thought the damage to the clubs was from JFK's fiery temper.

Ace Cowboy said...

Good episode, because the O'Henry candy bar chick Sue Ellen Mischke plays a big role in driving up the price.

I had a nice Seinfeld reference on my Michelle Wie post today...nothing like "Mendelbaum, Mendelbaum, Mendelbaum!"

John Howard said...

Yeah, Sue Ellen Mischke, that bitch. I don't remember seeing the Mandelbaum one, but I thought I caught another one over on Slack sometime this week. About Karamer swimming in the East River, maybe?