Thursday, July 14, 2005

Clinton wants inquiry into Grand Theft sex

Oh, Please. You have got to be kidding. I already shared my thoughts on this game. Now, here's my thoughts on Hilary Clinton asking for an investigation into it: Shut Up! Don't you have anything better to do?

...anyone who uses a free code downloaded over the Internet can unlock sexually graphic images hidden inside the game

Yeah, and anyone who uses the internet at all can see as many sexually graphic images (real ones, not animation) as they want, and those aren't hidden at all.
"Parents who rely on the ratings to make decisions to shield their children from influences that they believe could be harmful should be informed right away if the system is broken," she said.

Uh, no. Actually, parents should not rely on the ratings to make decisions to shield their chilfren from influences they believe could be harmful. And anyway, in this particular case, if you're letting your kid play this game and are suddenly shocked that they could see some sex in it, then you're a fucking idiot. The game is called "Grand Theft Auto" what more do you need to know to realize that it might not be appropriate for children? The ratings don't make any difference in this case since it's already rated 'M' for Mature, for ages 17 and older. Even if there is some higher rating that is rarely used, that would only make it recommended for 18 and up, unless they think this game is too much for young adults also. The sex makes it different, but surely people can't think that it's any worse. Is sex more harmful to kids than violence and crime? I sure hope not. As much a we don't want our kids to see any porn before they're old enough, I think we all realize that they will have sex one day, but I don't think anyone wants or expects their kids to go on violent rampages stealing cars.

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Seriously, you'd think that it would occur to these people that kids who are internet-savvy enough to download this patch if they want porn are also smart enough to find actual porn sites.

Yet another example of the fact that common sense is not all that common.

John Howard said...

Yeah, but I'm beginning to think that people are just fucking idiots.

Robert Bayn said...

if people spent as much time with their kids and not worrying about how music, movies and video games is destroying their kids, maybe their kids would be just fine.

MDC said...

Robert bayn makes a good point...
I also want to know how many "do-gooders" out there have been so oblivious over the last four years since the GTA3 outcry to require anymore "alerts" about this game franchise. Everyone should know by now what to expect. Also making a grand announcement about something like this just draws invites more people to explore.