Friday, July 29, 2005

Grandma sues over 'X' game

So Grandma didn't care about the violence and crime, but the sex was over the line? And we're supposed to believe that while she clearly ignored the M rating for Mature, 17 and older and bought the game for her 14 year old grandson, she definitely would have paid attention to an Adults Only rating and bought him a Mickey Mouse game instead? Great job grandma, you're doing your part to make some lawyer a bunch of money, and you might get back a check for 5 or 10 dollars. Congratulations.

I can see the testimony now: "Well, little Billy was driving all over town indiscriminately shooting people and stealing their cars, running over people and stuff, then all of the sudden (after we went on the internets and downloaded an entirely separate program, then read the forums to find out how to use it, then installed and ran it), a boobie popped out, and it was like Super Bowl XXXIII halftime all over again. I was so shocked, you could barely make out the blood and bullets flying around what with all the naked bodies all over the place."

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Matt said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean... I think it's absurd that the ESRB gave a rating based on a third party patch. (From the beginning, it probably should have been AO instead of M anyways... That's a different topic though.)

If that's how they're going to do things, then they might as well recall pretty much every PC game ever made & change the rating b/c there has always been some guy out there making 'nude patches' for games... i.e. The Sims, FFVII (Tifa & Aerith patch), etc...

Christiana said...

This whole story is actually starting to really piss me off. It's such a colossal non-issue that it really makes me angry to see politicians grandstanding about this sort of thing.

Now, "adult content in popular media" may be a debate worth having, but to get all riled up about these 3rd party mods is just stupid given that worse adult content is already more available than these mods and has been for years now.

It's like saying we should ban the JC Penny's catalog because some kids might imagine what the models look like naked. And then, we get some publicity-hound politicians standing on a soapbox for the cameras and acting shocked, shocked that a major department story would be endorsing this sort of pornography.

Ugh. It makes me sick.

D. said...

This whole story is actually starting to really piss me off. It's such a colossal non-issue that it really makes me angry to see politicians grandstanding about this sort of thing.

I'll second that. I've railed on at length over at Shakespear's Sister on this topic, so I won't go on and on here, but this whole thing has just gotten to be past the point of ridiculous. They ought to throw that woman's suit out of court and charge her for the court costs. In fact, they ought to slam her with some kind of fine for buying a game rated "M" for a 14-year-old in the first place.

John Howard said...

Yeah, it is all ridiculous, especially when these idiots have much more imprtant things to be worrying about then video games, and also everywhere in this story where there is a legitimate issue, they skip it in favor of the stupid things.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

This thread and the Christian game thread are similar in that do we really what the Feds involved in any of this.

I am no defender of the garage that passes for entertainment on TV and in our movies but really is this issue the most important topic today?

Here is an idea if you do not like what is on TV, then turn it off. If you do not like the video game, then do not buy it. Trust me I am no saint but this is like sitting in Church on Sunday talking about the problems with porn and then logging on to a porn site on Monday through Saturday.

Amazing...this is one of those areas where you all could convince me that just maybe people are in need of someone else to manage their lives for them.

I mean really you pick up a video game with undoubtedly graphic pictures and then wonder what is inside??????????

You order a cup of coffee and then are surprised it is hot?????????

Did I mention I love Starbucks?

John Howard said...

Yeah, no argument on this one, asnd.