Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wake me up when people stop acting like complete morons

I thought we only did stupid shit like this here in America. Why do people waste time with nonesense like this? This reminds me of something I saw a while back suggesting that teachers should use purple pens instead of red to mark mistakes, because red apparently has a bad connotation. Much like the word 'fail', I guess. What these idiots fail to understand is it is not what we call it or with what color that is demoralizing, it's the fact that they didn't do it right. Even if the word fail does cause some additional something, all you're doing by changing it is making sure that there is now a different word that will ceventually cause the same feelings. Anyway, kids should feel bad when they fail, if they don't, they might think it's ok, and if that happens, we'll be looking at a future where the world is run by incompetent idiots who think they're really smart because no one ever bothered to tell them they weren't. Oh, wait, I guess it's too late.

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Deferred success? What the hell is that? That indicates that the child has chosen to write vapid prose or misunderstand algebra, or whatever it is that they're busy failing. 'Defer' means 'postpone', and usually it means to do it intentionally.

People who can't add five and three are not giving seventeen as an answer on purpose, knowing that in a week they'll realize it's 8. They failed to get the question right.

That article really annoyed me.

I like their choice of headline, though.

Jayanne said...

We do do crap like that here and I don't think we learned it from you... but this is worse than usual.

Me4Prez said...

Maybe they should have called the bankruptcy bill here the "Deferred Wealth Bill." Makes it sound friendlier and doesn't stigmatize people

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

Where to start, I thought the whole goal of the DNC party was to reward people who fail to succeed on their own. Oh you failed to plan for your retirement oh ok we will take money from those who did.

Oh you failed to make good choices so now you have no skills to get a job, well then let's take money from those that did.

John Howard said...

That's an over simplification. The reality is unless you're ready to let people die in the street because they didn't plan as well as you did, then there has to be some way for society to take care of them on some basic level, and that does take money away from other people, but the only alternative is to abandon civilization and just have every man for himself.