Friday, July 15, 2005

Hilary, please shut up about this.

Seriously, you're making Democrats look as bad as the Republicans who whined about seeing a 1/2 second of a mostly obscured breast on TV.

"The bottom line is that video games with truly pornographic and violent content is being marketed to our children," Clinton said. "As parents and advocates for children, we have to draw the line."

Yes, we do, you're absolutely right. As parents. Not as legislators.
Clinton announced yesterday her intention to introduce new legislation aimed at protecting the nation's children against violent and pornographic video games by imposing fines on any retailer selling or renting such games to children under 18.

Yeah, that will work great. First of all, if these kids are buying this game already, then their parents probably aren't paying that much attention to what they're playing, and might buy it for them anyway. If not, there is no shortage of older friends, big brothers and sisters, cousins, or whatever who will happily buy it for them.
If the material is imbedded in the game and available by a few simple steps, Clinton said she will call for a nationwide recall of the game so that all who bought it believing the M rating can be reimbursed.

Ok, now this is just ridiculous. She wants to reimburse people because the game contains extra stuff that they don't have to access, and have to take pretty active steps in order to access. All you're going to do here is make the manufacturer give refunds to all the kids who have already beaten the game so they can have money to spend on some other game that isn't appropriate for them.
"The statement, 'There's nothing we can do,' is not acceptable," Walsh continued. "We need to find something to do. There's not just one answer, but part of the solution is for parents to be empowered with knowledge about the issues."

There is no shortage of knowledge out there about any video game currently on the market for anyone interested in finding out about it. If parents truly find out what their kids are doing, then the system is fine the way it is. If they don't, then new laws won't help.

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

" games with truly pornographic and violent content is being marketed to our children."

With grammar like that, she's certainly sounding more Presidential!

John Howard said...

Good point.

Me4Prez said...

I heard a guy on Alan Colmes XM radio show who was creating and distributing games based on regaining white supremacy. One was called White Law where a white cop went around shooting minorities to clean up the streets and the other was called Ethnic Cleansing where you could be a skinhead or klansmen and go around shooting blacks, Jews, and Hispanics. He said that those groups have different ways of seeing things that don't match the "white values" of the Constitution and are destroying our society. Their goal is to get kids playing and to become racist.

John Howard said...

That one was probably rated E.

D. said...

Oh for chrissakes.

The game is rated M. As in "mature". Does Hillary think that rating wouldn't include sex as well? As Shakes Sis pointed out, she needs to shut her pie-hole and worry about more substantive issues. Acting like a crazed, holier-than-thou Republican over stuff like this certainly won't help her chances - if any - in 2008.

peppermd said...

My idea for the next grand theft auto series is for the protaganist to hunt down video-game-bashing politicians. Bind. Torture. Kill etc.

Robert Bayn said...

I'm starting to think she is just sucking up to "middle america" which i hate when any politcian does that, left or right, i rather they really talk about how they feel, and not whats going to get them votes.

Me4Prez said...

Isn't middle America too busy working to worry about video games and Hillary's opinion on them. maybe she should work on better pay and benefits so that they can take more time to be with their kids