Tuesday, July 26, 2005

House Seeks FTC 'Grand Theft Auto' Probe

Oh, good, I'm glad our government is spending its time on important things like this, instead of investigating trivial matters like the Downing Street Memo, or the White House's involvement in leaking the name of a CIA agent.

And we all know that these hidden scenes are much, much worse than the content of the game that isn't hidden. Because it's ok in a video game to pay a hooker to have sex with you, then kill her afterwards and take your money back, however it is not ok if you actually get to see the sex.

Hey idiots, these scenes are hidden. That means that someone has to take some action to get to them. Now if you wanted to investigate why the video game glorifies violence and crime and still got the rating it got in the first place, then I still wouldn't agree that it was worth your time, but at least I would see the point.

Do any of these idiots realize that the only issue here resuts in whether the game has a rating that's for 17 and up, or a rating that is for 18 and up? It's not worth fighting about. Let the parents actually act like parents. If you let your kids have this game with all the crime and violence, you really don't have a lot of room to complain about the sex. Especially since your kid would have to get online to get the program to access the sex and if they're doing that, there's a lot worse they could see.

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Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

Scary, but we generally agree on this on. Again we see our Federal representatvies working on something that is simply not the purview of the Federal government.

John Howard said...

Yeah, exactly, and I'll point it out even when it's Democrats acting stupid which I wish I'd see more from Republicans when their guys act like complete lunatics.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

hmm.... Since I am not really a Republican I am struggling on to respond to this general statement.

Generally, I agree with you in the sense that Repubs have a problem right now. Being the party in majority has allowed the creation of a portion of persons that call themselves Repub but they vote for social and tax policies that reflect the failed policies of the past.

On the other hand, I disagree pointing out Republicans will support removal of one of their own as in the case of Trent Lott while Liberal (Demos) political representatives can utter any number of racial and enthic and generally absurd statements and the mass media fails to make the say demand for their removal.

John Howard said...

Well, yeah, when the guy is a racist, they don't have much choice anymore. What about corrupt idiots like Tom DeLay?