Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Video game biz converting to Christianity

Oh good, this will be very helpful to all the parent out there who just discovered that the violence and crime filled game they bought for their kids (since it was only rated M for Mature after all) could possibly be modified to contain sex (gasp!) as well.

Seriously though, I don't know why we need Christian games any more than any other games. It's not like there aren't non violent, non sexual games already out there, they're just not as popular. Especially when the guy in the article says it's just about making good games, they don't want to preach to anyone. Well then why do they need to be Christian, necessarily? Just make good games, and focus on that and don't worry about whether they're Christian or not. Not that I have anything against people playing them if they want to. But if theyre basing them on the Left Behind books, that's a mistake. I read the first one, and that one at least, really sucked.

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

The guys who wrote that series should be prosecuted for crimes against literature. Who the hell introduces one of their main characters as "34-year-old virgin Buck Williams"? And Rayford Steele? Leon Fortunato? Come on, people, let's put a little creativity into naming our characters.

They can share a cell with Dan Brown after the trial.

John Howard said...

I was at least entertained by Brown's books. Left Behind was poorly written AND boring.

Christiana said...

I ended up reading all of the left behind series except for the last one, and I may read that one just for the sake of closure, but I grew increasingly irritated with them as the series progressed.

The first couple I enjoyed enough to keep reading, mostly just because the novelty of reading a book with supposed Christian virtues was interesting. (Not that common these days, after all.)

Still, as the books went on, I started getting really annoyed with a number of factors. 1) Not all that well written. (Though they aren't unreadable, I've certainly seen worse.) 2) An insistence that one narrow interpretation of vague prophecies is the only possible correct one. 3) An increasing feeling of mean-spiritedness.

In the end, I don't think that type of millenial thinking and endless examination of Revelations in order to predict the end times, it's just not helpful. Those books are nothing but a lowest-common-denominator preaching to the choir, and they do very little to encourage anybody to live according to Christian principles, which, supposedly, is the whole point of writing them.

John Howard said...

In my view based on only reading the first one, they were unreadable.

And I think you hit the nail on the head about preaching to the choir. No one is going to read those and be encouraged to live any differently.

peppermd said...

Well I've had this idea for some time. It was a religious based PVP MMORPG featuring different factions of religions. Christians. Muslims. Taoist etc.

I think it could change the world.

As for religion making its way into video games, I think it's a great idea. Studies show that video games do in fact teach kids different problem solving skills, multi-tasking and what not. Lvling up with good ol' Jesus who whoever you believe in, is a good way of learning the religion, and it's far more easier for kids to accept ideas since they don't have to get up early on Sunday morning and wear nice clothes.

Christiana said...

Hey, peppermd, someone beat you to it. Check this out:

Religion Demystified in Civilization 4

michelline said...

Does this mean I have to make my 6 year old stop playing "Simpson's Road Rage?"

John Howard said...

Of course not, The Simpsons iare cool. And so is road rage.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

Christiana the link to the game was very interesting.

I also had little success staying with the Left Behind Series. Not because I found any critical flaws in the literature but I really have no time for reading for pleasure.

I found it interesting that the authors tried to take a seldom studied book of the Bible and convert to something less ardous to read. However, as each of you already know I am stickler for the source on a given subject.

If I may suggest that in a general sense that is the problem today. We want everything simplified. Therefore we experience many concepts through the eyes of someone else instead of going to the source and doing are own analysis.

Christiana..have you ever read Frank Perretti (spelling?) This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness?