Thursday, July 07, 2005

Iranians to train Iraq's military

Now, I'm all for former enemies making peace with each other, but when we went on our mission of liberating the Iraqi people, somehow I doubt that thier military being trained by Iran is quite what we had in mind.

Anyway, I thought we were training the Iraqi military. Isn't that the main reason that we're still over there? Then as they stand up, we'll stand down, and all that?

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Christiana said...

We are training them, but given that it's difficult work and we would like to progress as quickly as possible, isn't it sensible to make use of any and all resources that are available?

Seeking help anywhere we can find it doesn't mean we aren't already working.

That said, Iran seems an unlikely choice, but *shrug* you never know.

John Howard said...

Yeah, I'm all for seeking any help we can get. Actually, I'm all for letting the Iraqis find whoever they're comfortable with. I just don't think the administration can be too happy about this.

Robert Bayn said...

Iran seems to be helping us out alot, their traning soldiers, torturing prisoners, next think you know they will be kissing and holding hands with bush like the saudi's.