Friday, July 01, 2005

Italy Demands 'Full Respect' From U.S. Over Terror Suspect's Seizure

A curt statement released by the prime minister's office said that the ambassador, Mel Sembler, confirmed to Mr. Berlusconi that the American government's respect was "complete and total and won't be neglected in the future."
emphasis mine

Or in other words, now that we've already done what we want, we won't neglect it anymore.

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

If they believe that, I've got a large University building they can buy from me.

John Howard said...

You own a University? Or is it just the one building?

beakerkin said...

Here is the game that the far left likes to play. We get hit the government is inept. If we try to do something it is the rouge state bit. Has it occured to you that this person was a suspect and the information we gained could save lives.

John Howard said...

That's not the point, beakerkin. The point is other countries don't deserve for us to treat them like shit at our whim. If this guy was so important, I imagine the Italian government would have cooperated in what we wanted, but instead wejust do whatever we want, like Italy isn't a real country deserving of any respect from the Might USA.